Proceedings Abstracts of the Twenty-Fourth International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence

Perception Evolution Network Adapting to the Emergence of New Sensory Receptor / 3967
Youlu Xing, Furao Shen, Jinxi Zhao

The proposed Perception Evolution Network (PEN) is a biologically inspired neural network model for unsupervised learning and online incremental learning. It is able to automatically learn suitable prototypes from learning data in an online incremental way, and it does not require the predefined prototype number and similarity threshold. Meanwhile, being more advanced than the existing unsupervised neural network model, PEN permits the emergence of a new dimension of perception in the perception field of the network. When a new dimension of perception is introduced, PEN is able to integrate the new dimensional sensory inputs with the learned prototypes, i.e., the prototypes are mapped to a high-dimensional space, which consists of both the original dimension and the new dimension of the sensory inputs. We call it a Cognition Deepening Process. Artificial data and real-world data are used to test the proposed PEN, and the results show that PEN can work effectively.