Proceedings of the Fourth International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence

IJCAI-75 Contents


13-8 SEPTEMBER 1975

Section 1: Mathematical and Theoretical Aspects Of A.l.

Checking Proofs In The Mathematics Of First Order Logic

M. AJello, R. Weyhrauch  1

On The Role Of Mathematical Language Concept In The Theory Of Intelligent Systems

H. Anoraks, T. Gorgoly, I. Nomoti   9

A Now Method For Proving Certain Presburger Formulas

W. Bledsoe    15

Toward A Mathematical Theory Of Inductive Inference

M. Blum, L. Blum--NA

Analyzing Mathematical Proofs (Or Reading Between The Lines)

A. Bundy        22

On Abstract Theory Of Artificial Conceptual Intelligence

V. Chavchanidze--NA

On Negative Inference

A. Collins, E. Wsrneck, N. Aiollo, M. Millar--NA

On Methods To Decide Solvability Of Transformation Problems

P. Florath   29

On Prognosis Problem Decision By The Method Of Conceptual Formalisms

Gslltskaya, V. Chavchanldie--NA

Commenting Proofs

J. Geiser   34

Definition Theory As Basis For A Creative Problem Solver

T. Gorgoly, H. Andreka, 1. Nomoti ... .40

On A Formal Language For Writing Down Mathematical

Texts  V. Clushkov at al--NA

Semantic Resolution For Horn Sets

L Hentchon    46

Some Problems Of Conceptual System Analysis On The Basis Of Artificial Conceptual Intelligence Theory

V. Jukovin, A. Kotcharian, M. Kaloev--NA

A Note On Deduction Rules With Negative Premises

Ivan. Kramosil   53

Gentzen-Type Formal System Representing Properties Of Function And Its Implementation

T. Nishtmura, M. Nakanishi, M. Negate, Y. Iwemeru   57

Semiotic Models In Artificial Intelligence Problems

D. Pospolov    65

Conceptual Modeling Of Problem Environment In Expedient Behavior Systems Creation On The Base Of Artificial Conceptual Intelligence Theory

V. Radstevsky--NA

A Complete Unification Algorithm For Associative-Commutative Functions

M. Sticke    71

An Extension of Unification to substitutions with an application to Automatic Theorem Proving  To Automatic Therom Proving

J. van Vaalon 77

Section 1\ Representation Of Problem And Knowledge

Toward A State Based Conceptual Representation

N. Cercone, L. Setiubort ..83

A Partial Taxonomy Of Knowledge About Actions

E.Charniek ------91

Deductive Retrieval Mechanisms For State Description Models

Modols  R. Fikoa ------99

The Representation Of Concepts In OWL

L. HawWiwon --------107

Expanding The Utility Of Semantic Networks Through Partitioning

G. Hondrlx ... 115

Some Thought  About Representing Knowledge In Instructional Systems

Uubtch ... 122

BEINGS: Knowledge as Interacting Experts

0. Una! ........ 126

Semantic Networks And The Generation of Context

J. Mylopoutos, P. Cohen, A. Borglda, t Sugar ... 134

Conceptual Overlays:  A Mechanism For The Interpretation Of Sentence Meaning In Context

C. Riogor   143

Scripts, Plans And Knowledge

R. Schank, R. Abetson ... 151

Extending The Explorative Power Of Semantic Network

L. Schubert ...158

Association Memory Model Using The Notion Of "Importance

M. Wehutweig ... 165

Section 3i Planning And Problem Solving

Tech II - A. Baisley

Planning And Execution In Incompletely Specified Environments

R. Chien, S. Weistman ... 169

Bargaining Between Goals

1. Goldstein ... 175

A Representation For Robot Plans

P. Hayes . . . 181

How To Use What You Know

C. Hewitt . . . 189

Planning The Activity Of Robot With Artificial Intelligence

E. Kioto, G. Posdnyak, I. FominyMi ... 199

The Nonlinear Nature Of Plans

E. Sacerdott . . . 206

Interacting Goals And Their Use

A. Tate ...215

Experiments With Computational Problem Solver

E. Tyugu, Ki UM--NA

Empirical Prediction Algorithm

N. Zageruik ...... 219

Section 4: learning Debugging, And Automatic Programming

Application Of Methods Of Adaptive Learning To The Problem Of Automatic Decision Making Under Conditions Of A Priori Uncertainty

V. Akhutin, M. loffe, G Kotler, A Rats ... 223

A Basis For The Acquisition Of Procedures From Protocols

M Bauer . . . 226

Some Rules For The Automatic Synthesis Of Programs

C Green, D Barstow . . . 232

Synthesis Of LISP Functions From Examples

S. Hardy ... 240

An Automatically Compilable Recognition Network For Structured Patterns

F Hayes-Roth, D Mostow . . . 246

Some Principles Of Artificial Learning That Have Emerged From Examples

J. Knapman . . . 253

Inferring LISP Programs From Examples

D. Shaw, W Swartout, C Green . . . 260

Automatic Program Synthesis From Example Problems

L SiKlossy, D. Sykes . . . 268

Inductive Inference Theory - A Unified Approach To Problems In Pattern Recognition And Artificial Intelligence

R Solomonoff . . . 274

Induction Of Concepts In The Predicate Calculus

S Vere .281

Knowledge And Reasoning In Program Synthesis

R. Waldinger, Z Manna 288

Adaptive Production Systems

D Waterman . . . 296

Section 5: Scorch Technique

On The Structure Of An Important Class Of Exhaustive Problems And On Ways Of Search Reduction For Them

G Adelson-Velskiy, V Arlasarov, M Donskoy . . . 304

An Improved Bi-Directional Heuristic Search Algorithm

D de Champeaux, L Sint . . . 309

Knowledge And Its Use In A Program For Going From One Place To Another

T Furugori ... 315

The Influence Of Nonuniformity In The Models Of Automata Collective Behavior

M Gaaze-Rapoport, V Zakharov, D Pospelov ... 321

About The Solution Of Combinatorical Problems With Problem Solving Methods

H Hagendorf, W Kolbe, E Sommerfeld . . . 328

The Heuristic Search And The Game Of Chess - A Study Of Quiescence, Sacrifices, And Plan Oriented Play

L Harris . . . 334

A Problem Reduction Model For Non-independent Sub problems

G Levi, F. Sirovich 340

From Dynamic Programming To Search Algorithms With Functional Costs

A Martelli, U Montanari 345

Automated Hypothesis Generation Using Extended Inductive Resolution

C Morgan ... 351

Method For The Best Solutions Search In Multi objective Decision Problems

V. Ozernoi, M. Gaft . . . 357

Predicting The Length Of Solutions To Problems

J Quinlan . . 363

A Collective Of Algorithms

L. Rastrigin, R. Erenshtein . . . 370

BRIBIP: A Bridge Bidding Program

A Stanier . . . 374

Representations For The Tough Nut Problem

V. Stefanuk--NA

Section 6: Natural language Understanding

Toward A Multiple Environments Model Of Natural Language

J Bien . . . 379

Picnics, Kittens And Wigs: Using Scenarios For The Sentence Completion Task

C. Bullwinkle   383

RITA --An Experimental Man-Computer System On A Natural Language Basis

A. Ershov, A. Narinlany, I Mel'chuk . . . 387

A Student-Oriented Natural Language Environment For Learning LISP

R Hart, E Koffman ... 391

TULIPS -- Teachable, Understanding Natural Language Input Problem-Solver

M Malkovsky . . . 397

Preliminary Report On A Program For Generating Natural Language

D McDonald .401

An Adaptive Natural Language System That Listens, Asks, And Learns

P. Miller . . . 406

TORUS -* A Natural Language Understanding System For Data Management

J Mylopoulos et el ... 414

LINGOL - A Progress Report

V Pratt . . . 422

Generating Hierarchical Semantic Networks From Natural Language Discourse

C. Schwind . . . 429

Answering Process Questions

G Scragg . . . 435

Negation And Focus In Man - Machine Communication

P. Sgall, E Hajicova . . . 443

On The System Of Concepts Relations And Outline Of The Natural Language System

S Yoshida . . . 449

Section 7: Speech Understanding

A Speech Understanding System Based Upon A Co-Routine Parser

J. Allen . . . 455

Pragmatics In Speech Understanding

B Bruce ... 461

A Speech Understanding System With Learning Capability

R DeMori, S Rivoira, A Serra . . . 468

Micro phonemes As Fundamental Segments Of Speech Wave Primary Segmentation Automatic Searching For Micro phonemes

A Dziurnikowski . . 476

A Multi-Level Organization For Problem Solving Using Many, Diverse, Cooperating Sources Of Knowledge

L Erman, V Lesser 483

Time-Domain, Digital Segmentation Of Connected Natural Speech

W Hess ... 491

The Vocal Speech Understanding System

S levinson . . . 499

Feature Extraction And Sentence Recognition Algorithm In Speech Input System

K. Shirai . . . 506

Intentionality And Knowledge Hierarchies In Automatic Speech Recognition And Understanding

G. White--NA

Section 8: A.I. Software

On A Method Of Man-Machine Interaction In Dialogue Mode In IRS

G. Avaliani, V. Maistrenko--NA

LORD: LISP-Oriented Resolver And Data Base

V Briabrin, V Serebriakov, V. Yufa .514

The Application Of Artificial Intelligence To Data Base Management

R. Gerritsen ... 521

Problem Solving Approach In Data Management

W Haseman, A Whmston . . . 528

Deadlock-Free Parallel Processing

A. Hill, H Townsend . . . . 534

Some Considerations Concerning The Problem Base Of Purposeful Systems

V Lozovsky 538

A Control Structure For A Question-Answering System

P. Medema . . . 542

The 2 PAK Language: Goals And Descriptions

L Melii . . . 549

MAGMA-LISP: A "Machine Language" For Artificial Intelligence

C Montangero, G Pacini, F. Turini 556

On The Storage Economy Of Error-Tolerating Question-Answering Systems

J Pearl . . . 562

The Description And Control Of Changing Pictures

G Pfister . 569

Plannor-BESM-6 System: Implementation Methods

V Pilshikov . . 575

A Database For A.I.

J Quinton, a Andrew . 579

Ideas About Management Of LISP Data Bases

E Sandewall . . . 585

An English-Like Language For Qualitative Scientific Knowledge

D. Skuce . . . 593

An Interpreter For The Programming Language Predicate Logic

S-A Tarnlund ... 601

Structured Robotics

M Weinstein . . . 609

Section 9: Visual Information Prorating

The Experimental Research Of Some Elements In A Three-Dimensional Scene Analysis

V Andreyev, G Vainshtem, E Moskvina--NA

An Hypothesis-Driven Vision System

M Dunlavey .616

Direction Coding Method And Its Application To Scene

Analysis — M Ejiri, H Yoda, J Motoike 620

A Program For Geometrical Pattern Recognition Based On The Linguistic Method Of The Description And Analysis Of Geometrical Structures

V. Gallo 628

Color Picture Processing By Computer

T. Ito ... 635

To The Problem Of Recognition And Description Of Complex Patterns

V. Kharkhev, A. Shvedov, A Shmidt, V Yacubovitch --NA

The Textural Analysis

V. Krol, L Tannenholz 643

On A Possible Mechanism Of Binocular Fusion

O Levashov . . . 647

A Simplified And Fast Version Of The Hueckel Operator For Finding Optimal Edges In Pictures

 L. Mero, Z Vassy ... 650

Isolating And Identifying Objects In Line Drawings

E Morofsky, A Wong . . . 656

Forming Models Of Plane-And-Cylinder Faceted Bodies From Light Stripes

R. Popplestone, C. Brown, A Ambler, G Crawford . . . 664

Methods For Analyzing Three Dimensional Scenes

F. Roecker, A. Kiessling . . . 669

Edge Finding, Segmentation Of Edges And Recognition Of Complex Objects

Y. Shirai . . . 674

A Region-Analysis Subsystem For Interactive Scene Analysis

J Tenenbaum, S. Weyl . . . 682

The Mathematical Model Of The Perception Of The Movement Velocity And Direction By Robot

H Vaitkevichius, A. Damionaitis, S Sakalauskas --NA

Automatic Detection Of Rib Contours In Chest Radiographs

H. Wechsler, J. Sklansky . . . 688

Boundary And Object Detection In Real World Images

Y. Yakimovsky . . . 695

Scene Analysis Using Semantic Region Growing

Y. Yamikovsky, J Fedman --NA

Analysis Of Three-Dimensional Scene Images On The Knowledge Of Their Texture Features

M. Yegi, N Zavalithm, R Sheinin . . . 705

Identification Of Bodies In A Contour Image Of A Three-Dimensional Scene

N. Zavalishin ... 710

General Purpose Models: Expectations About The Unexpected

S Zucker, A Rosenfeld, L Davis ... 716

Section 10: Robots And Productivity Technology

Active Semantic Networks In Robots With Independent Control

Control -- N Amosov, A Kasatkin, L Kasatkina . . . 722

Transport Robot With Network Control System

N Amosov, E Kussul, V. Fomenko ... 727

Walking Control And Dynamics of A Systems With Two

Legs  V Beletskii, P. Tchudinov, T. Kirsanova ... 731

Acquisition Of Moving Objects And Hand-Eye Coordination

R Chien, V Jones . . . 737

Visual Understanding Of Hybrid Circuits Via Procedure Models

R Chien, W Snyder . . . 742

Decision Analysis For An Experimental Robot With Unreliable Sensors

L Coios et al. 749

An Overview Of AL, A Programming System For Automation

R Finkel ot el. 758

A "Hand-Eye'' Robot-Simulating System

G. Cimelfarb, E. Kushner, V. Rybak 766

Some Aspects Of Sensory Instrumentation For Robots And Manipulators

V. Gurfinkel', A. Shntider, E. Gurfinkel', E Kanasv, S Fomin 771

About A Hierarchical System Of Integral Robot Control

S Gusov, A. Timoteyev, V. Yacubovich --NA

Control Of A PCB Drilling Machine By Visual Feedback

J. Mala, P. Saraga 775

Heuristics In The Alloy Designing

S Iwata, S Ishino, Y. Mishima 782

Problems Of Selecting A Gait For An Integrated Locomotion Robot

E Kugushev, V. Jaroshevskij 789

Walking Robot; A Non-Deterministic Modal Of Control

A. Narinyani, V. Pyatkin, P. Kim, V. Dementyev 794

Perceptive Robot Moving In 3D World

D. Okhotsimsky,A, Platonov 798

Scene Segmentation By Velocity Measurements Obtained With A Cross-Shaped Template

J Potter 803

Recognition Of An Object In A Stack Of Industrial Parts

S. Tsuji, A. Nakamura 811

A Machine Vision For Complex Industrial Parts With Learning Capability

M Yachida, S Tsuji 819

Section 1 li Miscellaneous Applications Of A.I.

Towards The Application Of Conceptual Formalism Tools For Determination Of Inflammation Nature In Bony Tissue Trauma Lesion

M. Akhalaya et al.--NA

"QUESTION-ANSWER** - A Multipurpose Information System

Y. Buchstab, S Kamynin

Progress On A Computer Based Consultant

P. Hart 831

Knowledge-Based English Language Systems For Management Support: An Analysis Of Requirements

A. Mai hot r a 842

DIALOG: A Model Of Diagnostic Logic For Internal Medicine

H. Pople, J. Myers, R. Miller 848

The Role Of Hypotheses In Medical Diagnosis

A. Rubin 856

The Use Of Informal Calculus In Problems Of Artificial Intellect

A. Tiro 863

Natural Language Access To A Large Data Base: An Engineering Approach

D. Welti 868

Simulation Of Functions Of Composer And Musicologist On Electronic Computer

R. Zaripov 873

Section 12: Psychological Aspects Of A.I.

A Model Of Human Cognitive Behavior In Writing Code For Computer Programs

R. Brooks . . . 878

Constructive Visual Imagery And Perception

A. Farley . . . 885

Affect As Motivation For Cognitive And Constive Processes

W. Faught . . . 893

An Organization For A Dictionary Of Senses

D Fredericksen . . . 900

Artificial Intelligence And Aesthetics

J Gips, G Stiny . . . 907

Experimental Studies Of Human Decision-Making And Its Simulation By Situation Control Technique

R. Hajiev ... 912

Semantic Language And The Problem Of Goal Formation Modeling In Human Thinking

Yu. Klykov, V. Pushkin ... 917

Neuronal Mechanisms Of Determination The Direction Upon The Sound Source

I. Lubinsky, N. Pozin, L. Shmelev ...921

Problem Structure And Problem Solving Behavior

G Luger, G Goldin . . . 924

Philosophical And Psychological Problems Of Artificial Intelligence

0. Tikhomirov . . . 932

Levels Of Decision Making And Certain Problems Of Artificial intellect

D. Zavalishina, B. Lomov, V. Rubachin . . . 938

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