Proceedings of the Twenty-Ninth International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence

Proceedings of the Twenty-Ninth International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence


11-17 July 2020, January 2021

Edited by Christian Bessiere

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International Joint Conferences on Artifical Intelligence (IJCAI)

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International Joint Conferences on Artificial Intelligence

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ISBN (Online): 978-0-9992411-6-5


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Main track

Agent-based and Multi-agent Systems
An Algorithm for Multi-Attribute Diverse Matching
Saba Ahmadi, Faez Ahmed, John P. Dickerson, Mark Fuge, Samir Khuller
Intention Progression under Uncertainty
Yuan Yao, Natasha Alechina, Brian Logan, John Thangarajah
Social Ranking Manipulability for the CP-Majority, Banzhaf and Lexicographic Excellence Solutions
Tahar Allouche, Bruno Escoffier, Stefano Moretti, Meltem Öztürk
Maximum Nash Welfare and Other Stories About EFX
Georgios Amanatidis, Georgios Birmpas, Aris Filos-Ratsikas, Alexandros Hollender, Alexandros A. Voudouris
Speeding Up Incomplete GDL-based Algorithms for Multi-agent Optimization with Dense Local Utilities
Yanchen Deng, Bo An
Almost Group Envy-free Allocation of Indivisible Goods and Chores
Haris Aziz, Simon Rey
Uniform Welfare Guarantees Under Identical Subadditive Valuations
Siddharth Barman, Ranjani G. Sundaram
Biased Opinion Dynamics: When the Devil is in the Details
Aris Anagnostopoulos, Luca Becchetti, Emilio Cruciani, Francesco Pasquale, Sara Rizzo
Formalizing Group and Propagated Trust in Multi-Agent Systems
Nagat Drawel, Jamal Bentahar, Amine Laarej, Gaith Rjoub
Fine-Grained View on Bribery for Group Identification
Niclas Boehmer, Robert Bredereck, Dušan Knop, Junjie Luo
Evaluating Approval-Based Multiwinner Voting in Terms of Robustness to Noise
Ioannis Caragiannis, Christos Kaklamanis, Nikos Karanikolas, George A. Krimpas
Decentralized MCTS via Learned Teammate Models
Aleksander Czechowski, Frans A. Oliehoek
On the Complexity of Winner Verification and Candidate Winner for Multiwinner Voting Rules
Chinmay Sonar, Palash Dey, Neeldhara Misra
Stable Roommate Problem with Diversity Preferences
Niclas Boehmer, Edith Elkind
Strategic Campaign Management in Apportionment Elections
Robert Bredereck, Piotr Faliszewski, Michal Furdyna, Andrzej Kaczmarczyk, Martin Lackner
Concentration of Distortion: The Value of Extra Voters in Randomized Social Choice
Brandon Fain, William Fan, Kamesh Munagala
Assume-Guarantee Synthesis for Prompt Linear Temporal Logic
Nathanaël Fijalkow, Bastien Maubert, Aniello Murano, Moshe Vardi
Peer-Prediction in the Presence of Outcome Dependent Lying Incentives
Naman Goel, Aris Filos-Ratsikas, Boi Faltings
Proportionality in Approval-Based Elections With a Variable Number of Winners
Rupert Freeman, Anson Kahng, David M. Pennock
Flow-Based Network Creation Games
Hagen Echzell, Tobias Friedrich, Pascal Lenzner, Anna Melnichenko
Stable Matchings with Diversity Constraints: Affirmative Action is beyond NP
Jiehua Chen, Robert Ganian, Thekla Hamm
Mechanism Design for School Choice with Soft Diversity Constraints
Haris Aziz, Serge Gaspers, Zhaohong Sun
Maximizing Welfare with Incentive-Aware Evaluation Mechanisms
Nika Haghtalab, Nicole Immorlica, Brendan Lucier, Jack Z. Wang
Ethics, Prosperity, and Society: Moral Evaluation Using Virtue Ethics and Utilitarianism
Aditya Hegde, Vibhav Agarwal, Shrisha Rao
Prophet Inequalities for Bayesian Persuasion
Niklas Hahn, Martin Hoefer, Rann Smorodinsky
Fair Division of Time: Multi-layered Cake Cutting
Hadi Hosseini, Ayumi Igarashi, Andrew Searns
Well-Structured Committees
Sushmita Gupta, Pallavi Jain, Saket Saurabh
Evaluating Committees for Representative Democracies: the Distortion and Beyond
Michał Jaworski, Piotr Skowron
The Complexity of Election Problems with Group-Separable Preferences
Piotr Faliszewski, Alexander Karpov, Svetlana Obraztsova
Logics of Allies and Enemies: A Formal Approach to the Dynamics of Social Balance Theory
Wiebe Van der Hoek, Louwe Kuijer, Yì Wáng
Synthesis of Deceptive Strategies in Reachability Games with Action Misperception
Abhishek N. Kulkarni, Jie Fu
Selecting Voting Locations for Fun and Profit
Zack Fitzsimmons, Omer Lev
Incentive-Compatible Diffusion Auctions
Bin Li, Dong Hao, Dengji Zhao
Strategyproof Mechanism for Two Heterogeneous Facilities with Constant Approximation Ratio
Minming Li, Pinyan Lu, Yuhao Yao, Jialin Zhang
Dinkelbach-Type Algorithm for Computing Quantal Stackelberg Equilibrium
Jakub Cerny, Viliam Lisý, Branislav Bošanský, Bo An
A Penny for Your Thoughts: The Value of Communication in Ad Hoc Teamwork
Reuth Mirsky, William Macke, Andy Wang, Harel Yedidsion, Peter Stone
Convexity of b-matching Games
Soh Kumabe, Takanori Maehara
Learning Optimal Temperature Region for Solving Mixed Integer Functional DCOPs
Saaduddin Mahmud, Md. Mosaddek Khan, Moumita Choudhury, Long Tran-Thanh, Nicholas R. Jennings
Tight Approximation for Proportional Approval Voting
Szymon Dudycz, Pasin Manurangsi, Jan Marcinkowski, Krzysztof Sornat
Partial Adversarial Behavior Deception in Security Games
Thanh H. Nguyen, Arunesh Sinha, He He
Approximate Pareto Set for Fair and Efficient Allocation: Few Agent Types or Few Resource Types
Trung Thanh Nguyen, Jörg Rothe
A Deep Reinforcement Learning Approach to Concurrent Bilateral Negotiation
Pallavi Bagga, Nicola Paoletti, Bedour Alrayes, Kostas Stathis
Computational Aspects of Conditional Minisum Approval Voting in Elections with Interdependent Issues
Evangelos Markakis, Georgios Papasotiropoulos
Combining Direct Trust and Indirect Trust in Multi-Agent Systems
Elham Parhizkar, Mohammad Hossein Nikravan, Robert C. Holte, Sandra Zilles
Keeping Your Friends Close: Land Allocation with Friends
Edith Elkind, Neel Patel, Alan Tsang, Yair Zick
Verifying Fault-Tolerance in Probabilistic Swarm Systems
Alessio Lomuscio, Edoardo Pirovano
Efficient Algorithms for Learning Revenue-Maximizing Two-Part Tariffs
Maria-Florina Balcan, Siddharth Prasad, Tuomas Sandholm
Model-Free Real-Time Autonomous Energy Management for a Residential Multi-Carrier Energy System: A Deep Reinforcement Learning Approach
Yujian Ye, Dawei Qiu, Jonathan Ward, Marcin Abram
Altruism in Coalition Formation Games
Anna Maria Kerkmann, Jörg Rothe
A Multi-Objective Approach to Mitigate Negative Side Effects
Sandhya Saisubramanian, Ece Kamar, Shlomo Zilberstein
The Competitive Effects of Variance-based Pricing
Ludwig Dierks, Sven Seuken
When to Follow the Tip: Security Games with Strategic Informants
Weiran Shen, Weizhe Chen, Taoan Huang, Rohit Singh, Fei Fang
Competition Among Contests: a Safety Level Analysis
Ron Lavi, Omer Shiran-Shvarzbard
Participatory Budgeting with Project Interactions
Pallavi Jain, Krzysztof Sornat, Nimrod Talmon
PeerNomination: Relaxing Exactness for Increased Accuracy in Peer Selection
Nicholas Mattei, Paolo Turrini, Stanislav Zhydkov
Budgeted Facility Location Games with Strategic Facilities
Minming Li, Chenhao Wang, Mengqi Zhang
Monte-Carlo Tree Search for Scalable Coalition Formation
Feng Wu, Sarvapali D. Ramchurn
Modelling Bounded Rationality in Multi-Agent Interactions by Generalized Recursive Reasoning
Ying Wen, Yaodong Yang, Jun Wang
Sybil-proof Answer Querying Mechanism
Yao Zhang, Xiuzhen Zhang, Dengji Zhao
AI Ethics
WEFE: The Word Embeddings Fairness Evaluation Framework
Pablo Badilla, Felipe Bravo-Marquez, Jorge Pérez
Individual Fairness Revisited: Transferring Techniques from Adversarial Robustness
Samuel Yeom, Matt Fredrikson
Achieving Outcome Fairness in Machine Learning Models for Social Decision Problems
Boli Fang, Miao Jiang, Pei-yi Cheng, Jerry Shen, Yi Fang
Relation-Based Counterfactual Explanations for Bayesian Network Classifiers
Emanuele Albini, Antonio Rago, Pietro Baroni, Francesca Toni
Metamorphic Testing and Certified Mitigation of Fairness Violations in NLP Models
Pingchuan Ma, Shuai Wang, Jin Liu
Computer Vision
Channel-Level Variable Quantization Network for Deep Image Compression
Zhisheng Zhong, Hiroaki Akutsu, Kiyoharu Aizawa
Disentangled Feature Learning Network for Vehicle Re-Identification
Yan Bai, Yihang Lou, Yongxing Dai, Jun Liu, Ziqian Chen, Ling-Yu Duan
EViLBERT: Learning Task-Agnostic Multimodal Sense Embeddings
Agostina Calabrese, Michele Bevilacqua, Roberto Navigli
Collaborative Learning of Depth Estimation, Visual Odometry and Camera Relocalization from Monocular Videos
Haimei Zhao, Wei Bian, Bo Yuan, Dacheng Tao
A 3D Convolutional Approach to Spectral Object Segmentation in Space and Time
Elena Burceanu, Marius Leordeanu
Reference Guided Face Component Editing
Qiyao Deng, Jie Cao, Yunfan Liu, Zhenhua Chai, Qi Li, Zhenan Sun
When Pedestrian Detection Meets Nighttime Surveillance: A New Benchmark
Xiao Wang, Jun Chen, Zheng Wang, Wu Liu, Shin'ichi Satoh, Chao Liang, Chia-Wen Lin
TextFuseNet: Scene Text Detection with Richer Fused Features
Jian Ye, Zhe Chen, Juhua Liu, Bo Du
SelectScale: Mining More Patterns from Images via Selective and Soft Dropout
Zhengsu Chen, Jianwei Niu, Xuefeng Liu, Shaojie Tang
GSM: Graph Similarity Model for Multi-Object Tracking
Qiankun Liu, Qi Chu, Bin Liu, Nenghai Yu
Deep Interleaved Network for Single Image Super-Resolution with Asymmetric Co-Attention
Feng Li, Runmin Cong, Huihui Bai, Yifan He
Meta Segmentation Network for Ultra-Resolution Medical Images
Tong Wu, Bicheng Dai, Shuxin Chen, Yanyun Qu, Yuan Xie
Lifelong Zero-Shot Learning
Kun Wei, Cheng Deng, Xu Yang
Large Scale Audiovisual Learning of Sounds with Weakly Labeled Data
Haytham M. Fayek, Anurag Kumar
JPEG Artifacts Removal via Compression Quality Ranker-Guided Networks
Menglu Wang, Xueyang Fu, Zepei Sun, Zheng-Jun Zha
SimPropNet: Improved Similarity Propagation for Few-shot Image Segmentation
Siddhartha Gairola, Mayur Hemani, Ayush Chopra, Balaji Krishnamurthy
Multi-graph Fusion for Functional Neuroimaging Biomarker Detection
Jiangzhang Gan, Xiaofeng Zhu, Rongyao Hu, Yonghua Zhu, Junbo Ma, Ziwen Peng, Guorong Wu
Learning from the Scene and Borrowing from the Rich: Tackling the Long Tail in Scene Graph Generation
Tao He, Lianli Gao, Jingkuan Song, Jianfei Cai, Yuan-Fang Li
Bottom-up and Top-down: Bidirectional Additive Net for Edge Detection
Lianli Gao, Zhilong Zhou, Heng Tao Shen, Jingkuan Song
SceneEncoder: Scene-Aware Semantic Segmentation of Point Clouds with A Learnable Scene Descriptor
Jiachen Xu, Jingyu Gong, Jie Zhou, Xin Tan, Yuan Xie, Lizhuang Ma
Characterizing Similarity of Visual Stimulus from Associated Neuronal Response
Vikram Ravindra, Ananth Grama
Spatiotemporal Super-Resolution with Cross-Task Consistency and Its Semi-supervised Extension
Han-Yi Lin, Pi-Cheng Hsiu, Tei-Wei Kuo, Yen-Yu Lin
Generating Person Images with Appearance-aware Pose Stylizer
Siyu Huang, Haoyi Xiong, Zhi-Qi Cheng, Qingzhong Wang, Xingran Zhou, Bihan Wen, Jun Huan, Dejing Dou
SBAT: Video Captioning with Sparse Boundary-Aware Transformer
Tao Jin, Siyu Huang, Ming Chen, Yingming Li, Zhongfei Zhang
Multichannel Color Image Denoising via Weighted Schatten p-norm Minimization
Xinjian Huang, Bo Du, Weiwei Liu
Super-Resolution and Inpainting with Degraded and Upgraded Generative Adversarial Networks
Yawen Huang, Feng Zheng, Danyang Wang, Junyu Jiang, Xiaoqian Wang, Ling Shao
Real-World Automatic Makeup via Identity Preservation Makeup Net
Zhikun Huang, Zhedong Zheng, Chenggang Yan, Hongtao Xie, Yaoqi Sun, Jianzhong Wang, Jiyong Zhang
Human Consensus-Oriented Image Captioning
Ziwei Wang, Zi Huang, Yadan Luo
Biased Feature Learning for Occlusion Invariant Face Recognition
Changbin Shao, Jing Huo, Lei Qi, Zhen-Hua Feng, Wenbin Li, Chuanqi Dong, Yang Gao
Channel Pruning via Automatic Structure Search
Mingbao Lin, Rongrong Ji, Yuxin Zhang, Baochang Zhang, Yongjian Wu, Yonghong Tian
GestureDet: Real-time Student Gesture Analysis with Multi-dimensional Attention-based Detector
Rui Zheng, Fei Jiang, Ruimin Shen
DAM: Deliberation, Abandon and Memory Networks for Generating Detailed and Non-repetitive Responses in Visual Dialogue
Xiaoze Jiang, Jing Yu, Yajing Sun, Zengchang Qin, Zihao Zhu, Yue Hu, Qi Wu
Pay Attention to Devils: A Photometric Stereo Network for Better Details
Yakun Ju, Kin-Man Lam, Yang Chen, Lin Qi, Junyu Dong
E3SN: Efficient End-to-End Siamese Network for Video Object Segmentation
Meng Lan, Yipeng Zhang, Qinning Xu, Lefei Zhang
TLPG-Tracker: Joint Learning of Target Localization and Proposal Generation for Visual Tracking
Siyuan Li, Zhi Zhang, Ziyu Liu, Anna Wang, Linglong Qiu, Feng Du
Learning Task-aware Local Representations for Few-shot Learning
Chuanqi Dong, Wenbin Li, Jing Huo, Zheng Gu, Yang Gao
Bi-level Probabilistic Feature Learning for Deformable Image Registration
Risheng Liu, Zi Li, Yuxi Zhang, Xin Fan, Zhongxuan Luo
G2RL: Geometry-Guided Representation Learning for Facial Action Unit Intensity Estimation
Yingruo Fan, Zhaojiang Lin
Visual Encoding and Decoding of the Human Brain Based on Shared Features
Chao Li, Baolin Liu, Jianguo Wei
Learning to Discretely Compose Reasoning Module Networks for Video Captioning
Ganchao Tan, Daqing Liu, Meng Wang, Zheng-Jun Zha
Multi-Scale Spatial-Temporal Integration Convolutional Tube for Human Action Recognition
Haoze Wu, Jiawei Liu, Xierong Zhu, Meng Wang, Zheng-Jun Zha
Latent Regularized Generative Dual Adversarial Network For Abnormal Detection
Chengwei Chen, Jing Liu, Yuan Xie, Yin Xiao Ban, Chunyun Wu, Yiqing Tao, Haichuan Song
Non-Autoregressive Image Captioning with Counterfactuals-Critical Multi-Agent Learning
Longteng Guo, Jing Liu, Xinxin Zhu, Xingjian He, Jie Jiang, Hanqing Lu
k-SDPP: Fixed-Size Video Summarization via Sequential Determinantal Point Processes
Jiping Zheng, Ganfeng Lu
Semi-Dynamic Hypergraph Neural Network for 3D Pose Estimation
Shengyuan Liu, Pei Lv, Yuzhen Zhang, Jie Fu, Junjin Cheng, Wanqing Li, Bing Zhou, Mingliang Xu
AttAN: Attention Adversarial Networks for 3D Point Cloud Semantic Segmentation
Gege Zhang, Qinghua Ma, Licheng Jiao, Fang Liu, Qigong Sun
Position-Aware Recalibration Module: Learning From Feature Semantics and Feature Position
Xu Ma, Song Fu
Transductive Relation-Propagation Network for Few-shot Learning
Yuqing Ma, Shihao Bai, Shan An, Wei Liu, Aishan Liu, Xiantong Zhen, Xianglong Liu
Few-shot Visual Learning with Contextual Memory and Fine-grained Calibration
Yuqing Ma, Wei Liu, Shihao Bai, Qingyu Zhang, Aishan Liu, Weimin Chen, Xianglong Liu
Dynamic Language Binding in Relational Visual Reasoning
Thao Minh Le, Vuong Le, Svetha Venkatesh, Truyen Tran
Deep Polarized Network for Supervised Learning of Accurate Binary Hashing Codes
Lixin Fan, Kam Woh Ng, Ce Ju, Tianyu Zhang, Chee Seng Chan
BARNet: Bilinear Attention Network with Adaptive Receptive Fields for Surgical Instrument Segmentation
Zhen-Liang Ni, Gui-Bin Bian, Guan-An Wang, Xiao-Hu Zhou, Zeng-Guang Hou, Xiao-Liang Xie, Zhen Li, Yu-Han Wang
Hierarchical Instance Feature Alignment for 2D Image-Based 3D Shape Retrieval
Heyu Zhou, Weizhi Nie, Wenhui Li, Dan Song, An-An Liu
Few-shot Human Motion Prediction via Learning Novel Motion Dynamics
Chuanqi Zang, Mingtao Pei, Yu Kong
Set and Rebase: Determining the Semantic Graph Connectivity for Unsupervised Cross-Modal Hashing
Weiwei Wang, Yuming Shen, Haofeng Zhang, Yazhou Yao, Li Liu
Weakly Supervised Few-shot Object Segmentation using Co-Attention with Visual and Semantic Embeddings
Mennatullah Siam, Naren Doraiswamy, Boris N. Oreshkin, Hengshuai Yao, Martin Jagersand
Overflow Aware Quantization: Accelerating Neural Network Inference by Low-bit Multiply-Accumulate Operations
Hongwei Xie, Yafei Song, Ling Cai, Mingyang Li
Detecting Adversarial Attacks via Subset Scanning of Autoencoder Activations and Reconstruction Error
Celia Cintas, Skyler Speakman, Victor Akinwande, William Ogallo, Komminist Weldemariam, Srihari Sridharan, Edward McFowland
Consistent Domain Structure Learning and Domain Alignment for 2D Image-Based 3D Objects Retrieval
Yuting Su, Yuqian Li, Dan Song, Weizhi Nie, Wenhui Li, An-An Liu
Diagnosing the Environment Bias in Vision-and-Language Navigation
Yubo Zhang, Hao Tan, Mohit Bansal
Self-Supervised Gait Encoding with Locality-Aware Attention for Person Re-Identification
Haocong Rao, Siqi Wang, Xiping Hu, Mingkui Tan, Huang Da, Jun Cheng, Bin Hu
Zero-Shot Object Detection via Learning an Embedding from Semantic Space to Visual Space
Licheng Zhang, Xianzhi Wang, Lina Yao, Lin Wu, Feng Zheng
Unsupervised Vehicle Re-identification with Progressive Adaptation
Jinjia Peng, Yang Wang, Huibing Wang, Zhao Zhang, Xianping Fu, Meng Wang
Recurrent Relational Memory Network for Unsupervised Image Captioning
Dan Guo, Yang Wang, Peipei Song, Meng Wang
Temporal Adaptive Alignment Network for Deep Video Inpainting
Ruixin Liu, Zhenyu Weng, Yuesheng Zhu, Bairong Li
Bidirectional Adversarial Training for Semi-Supervised Domain Adaptation
Pin Jiang, Aming Wu, Yahong Han, Yunfeng Shao, Meiyu Qi, Bingshuai Li
Hierarchical Attention Based Spatial-Temporal Graph-to-Sequence Learning for Grounded Video Description
Kai Shen, Lingfei Wu, Fangli Xu, Siliang Tang, Jun Xiao, Yueting Zhuang
Polar Relative Positional Encoding for Video-Language Segmentation
Ke Ning, Lingxi Xie, Fei Wu, Qi Tian
Label-Attended Hashing for Multi-Label Image Retrieval
Yanzhao Xie, Yu Liu, Yangtao Wang, Lianli Gao, Peng Wang, Ke Zhou
Self-supervised Monocular Depth and Visual Odometry Learning with Scale-consistent Geometric Constraints
Mingkang Xiong, Zhenghong Zhang, Weilin Zhong, Jinsheng Ji, Jiyuan Liu, Huilin Xiong
DIDFuse: Deep Image Decomposition for Infrared and Visible Image Fusion
Zixiang Zhao, Shuang Xu, Chunxia Zhang, Junmin Liu, Jiangshe Zhang, Pengfei Li
TRP: Trained Rank Pruning for Efficient Deep Neural Networks
Yuhui Xu, Yuxi Li, Shuai Zhang, Wei Wen, Botao Wang, Yingyong Qi, Yiran Chen, Weiyao Lin, Hongkai Xiong
Progressive Domain-Independent Feature Decomposition Network for Zero-Shot Sketch-Based Image Retrieval
Xinxun Xu, Muli Yang, Yanhua Yang, Hao Wang
HAF-SVG: Hierarchical Stochastic Video Generation with Aligned Features
Zhihui Lin, Chun Yuan, Maomao Li
Feature Augmented Memory with Global Attention Network for VideoQA
Jiayin Cai, Chun Yuan, Cheng Shi, Lei Li, Yangyang Cheng, Ying Shan
Exploiting Visual Semantic Reasoning for Video-Text Retrieval
Zerun Feng, Zhimin Zeng, Caili Guo, Zheng Li
Co-Saliency Spatio-Temporal Interaction Network for Person Re-Identification in Videos
Jiawei Liu, Zheng-Jun Zha, Xierong Zhu, Na Jiang
Self-Supervised Tuning for Few-Shot Segmentation
Kai Zhu, Wei Zhai, Yang Cao
A Similarity Inference Metric for RGB-Infrared Cross-Modality Person Re-identification
Mengxi Jia, Yunpeng Zhai, Shijian Lu, Siwei Ma, Jian Zhang
CP-NAS: Child-Parent Neural Architecture Search for 1-bit CNNs
Li'an Zhuo, Baochang Zhang, Hanlin Chen, Linlin Yang, Chen Chen, Yanjun Zhu, David Doermann
Weakly Supervised Local-Global Relation Network for Facial Expression Recognition
Haifeng Zhang, Wen Su, Jun Yu, Zengfu Wang
Cross-denoising Network against Corrupted Labels in Medical Image Segmentation with Domain Shift
Qinming Zhang, Luyan Liu, Kai Ma, Cheng Zhuo, Yefeng Zheng
Dress like an Internet Celebrity: Fashion Retrieval in Videos
Hongrui Zhao, Jin Yu, Yanan Li, Donghui Wang, Jie Liu, Hongxia Yang, Fei Wu
Video Question Answering on Screencast Tutorials
Wentian Zhao, Seokhwan Kim, Ning Xu, Hailin Jin
Object-Aware Multi-Branch Relation Networks for Spatio-Temporal Video Grounding
Zhu Zhang, Zhou Zhao, Zhijie Lin, Baoxing Huai, Jing Yuan
Unsupervised Scene Adaptation with Memory Regularization in vivo
Zhedong Zheng, Yi Yang
Overcoming Language Priors with Self-supervised Learning for Visual Question Answering
Xi Zhu, Zhendong Mao, Chunxiao Liu, Peng Zhang, Bin Wang, Yongdong Zhang
Multi-attention Meta Learning for Few-shot Fine-grained Image Recognition
Yaohui Zhu, Chenlong Liu, Shuqiang Jiang
Mucko: Multi-Layer Cross-Modal Knowledge Reasoning for Fact-based Visual Question Answering
Zihao Zhu, Jing Yu, Yujing Wang, Yajing Sun, Yue Hu, Qi Wu
Action-Guided Attention Mining and Relation Reasoning Network for Human-Object Interaction Detection
Xue Lin, Qi Zou, Xixia Xu
A Graph-based Interactive Reasoning for Human-Object Interaction Detection
Dongming Yang, Yuexian Zou
Constraints and SAT
Diversity of Solutions: An Exploration Through the Lens of Fixed-Parameter Tractability Theory
Julien Baste, Michael R. Fellows, Lars Jaffke, Tomáš Masařík, Mateus de Oliveira Oliveira, Geevarghese Philip, Frances A. Rosamond
Early and Efficient Identification of Useless Constraint Propagation for Alldifferent Constraints
Xizhe Zhang, Jian Gao, Yizhi Lv, Weixiong Zhang
Subgraph Isomorphism Meets Cutting Planes: Solving With Certified Solutions
Stephan Gocht, Ciaran McCreesh, Jakob Nordström
Extended Conjunctive Normal Form and An Efficient Algorithm for Cardinality Constraints
Zhendong Lei, Shaowei Cai, Chuan Luo
On Irrelevant Literals in Pseudo-Boolean Constraint Learning
Daniel Le Berre, Pierre Marquis, Stefan Mengel, Romain Wallon
Fast and Parallel Decomposition of Constraint Satisfaction Problems
Georg Gottlob, Cem Okulmus, Reinhard Pichler
Learning Sensitivity of RCPSP by Analyzing the Search Process
Marc-André Ménard, Claude-Guy Quimper, Jonathan Gaudreault
Learning Optimal Decision Trees with MaxSAT and its Integration in AdaBoost
Hao Hu, Mohamed Siala, Emmanuel Hebrard, Marie-José Huguet
NLocalSAT: Boosting Local Search with Solution Prediction
Wenjie Zhang, Zeyu Sun, Qihao Zhu, Ge Li, Shaowei Cai, Yingfei Xiong, Lu Zhang
Bipartite Encoding: A New Binary Encoding for Solving Non-Binary CSPs
Ruiwei Wang, Roland H.C. Yap
Automatic Dominance Breaking for a Class of Constraint Optimization Problems
Jimmy Lee, Allen Zhong
Data Mining
Cause-Effect Association between Event Pairs in Event Datasets
Debarun Bhattacharjya, Tian Gao, Nicholas Mattei, Dharmashankar Subramanian
Inductive Link Prediction for Nodes Having Only Attribute Information
Yu Hao, Xin Cao, Yixiang Fang, Xike Xie, Sibo Wang
Optimal Region Search with Submodular Maximization
Xuefeng Chen, Xin Cao, Yifeng Zeng, Yixiang Fang, Bin Yao
Discrete Embedding for Latent Networks
Hong Yang, Ling Chen, Minglong Lei, Lingfeng Niu, Chuan Zhou, Peng Zhang
GraphFlow: Exploiting Conversation Flow with Graph Neural Networks for Conversational Machine Comprehension
Yu Chen, Lingfei Wu, Mohammed J. Zaki
Motif-Preserving Temporal Network Embedding
Hong Huang, Zixuan Fang, Xiao Wang, Youshan Miao, Hai Jin
Robustness of Autoencoders for Anomaly Detection Under Adversarial Impact
Adam Goodge, Bryan Hooi, See Kiong Ng, Wee Siong Ng
Opinion Maximization in Social Trust Networks
Pinghua Xu, Wenbin Hu, Jia Wu, Weiwei Liu
MR-GCN: Multi-Relational Graph Convolutional Networks based on Generalized Tensor Product
Zhichao Huang, Xutao Li, Yunming Ye, Michael K. Ng
On the Enumeration of Association Rules: A Decomposition-based Approach
Yacine Izza, Said Jabbour, Badran Raddaoui, Abdelahmid Boudane
Speeding up Very Fast Decision Tree with Low Computational Cost
Jian Sun, Hongyu Jia, Bo Hu, Xiao Huang, Hao Zhang, Hai Wan, Xibin Zhao
Simultaneous Arrival Matching for New Spatial Crowdsourcing Platforms
Boyang Li, Yurong Cheng, Ye Yuan, Guoren Wang, Lei Chen
Inductive Anomaly Detection on Attributed Networks
Kaize Ding, Jundong Li, Nitin Agarwal, Huan Liu
Enhancing Urban Flow Maps via Neural ODEs
Fan Zhou, Liang Li, Ting Zhong, Goce Trajcevski, Kunpeng Zhang, Jiahao Wang
When Do GNNs Work: Understanding and Improving Neighborhood Aggregation
Yiqing Xie, Sha Li, Carl Yang, Raymond Chi-Wing Wong, Jiawei Han
A Spatial Missing Value Imputation Method for Multi-view Urban Statistical Data
Yongshun Gong, Zhibin Li, Jian Zhang, Wei Liu, Bei Chen, Xiangjun Dong
GoGNN: Graph of Graphs Neural Network for Predicting Structured Entity Interactions
Hanchen Wang, Defu Lian, Ying Zhang, Lu Qin, Xuemin Lin
GraphSleepNet: Adaptive Spatial-Temporal Graph Convolutional Networks for Sleep Stage Classification
Ziyu Jia, Youfang Lin, Jing Wang, Ronghao Zhou, Xiaojun Ning, Yuanlai He, Yaoshuai Zhao
A Sequential Convolution Network for Population Flow Prediction with Explicitly Correlation Modelling
Jie Feng, Ziqian Lin, Tong Xia, Funing Sun, Diansheng Guo, Yong Li
Rebalancing Expanding EV Sharing Systems with Deep Reinforcement Learning
Man Luo, Wenzhe Zhang, Tianyou Song, Kun Li, Hongming Zhu, Bowen Du, Hongkai Wen
Understanding the Success of Graph-based Semi-Supervised Learning using Partially Labelled Stochastic Block Model
Avirup Saha, Shreyas Sheshadri, Samik Datta, Niloy Ganguly, Disha Makhija, Priyank Patel
Multi-Channel Graph Neural Networks
Kaixiong Zhou, Qingquan Song, Xiao Huang, Daochen Zha, Na Zou, Xia Hu
Online Semi-supervised Multi-label Classification with Label Compression and Local Smooth Regression
Peiyan Li, Honglian Wang, Christian Böhm, Junming Shao
Network Schema Preserving Heterogeneous Information Network Embedding
Jianan Zhao, Xiao Wang, Chuan Shi, Zekuan Liu, Yanfang Ye
Recovering Accurate Labeling Information from Partially Valid Data for Effective Multi-Label Learning
Ximing Li, Yang Wang
JANE: Jointly Adversarial Network Embedding
Liang Yang, Yuexue Wang, Junhua Gu, Chuan Wang, Xiaochun Cao, Yuanfang Guo
Evidence-Aware Hierarchical Interactive Attention Networks for Explainable Claim Verification
Lianwei Wu, Yuan Rao, Xiong Yang, Wanzhen Wang, Ambreen Nazir
Improving Attention Mechanism in Graph Neural Networks via Cardinality Preservation
Shuo Zhang, Lei Xie
Graph Neural Architecture Search
Yang Gao, Hong Yang, Peng Zhang, Chuan Zhou, Yue Hu
Domain Adaptive Classification on Heterogeneous Information Networks
Shuwen Yang, Guojie Song, Yilun Jin, Lun Du
Rumor Detection on Social Media with Graph Structured Adversarial Learning
Xiaoyu Yang, Yuefei Lyu, Tian Tian, Yifei Liu, Yudong Liu, Xi Zhang
Joint Representation Learning of Legislator and Legislation for Roll Call Prediction
Yuqiao Yang, Xiaoqiang Lin, Geng Lin, Zengfeng Huang, Changjian Jiang, Zhongyu Wei
Entity Synonym Discovery via Multipiece Bilateral Context Matching
Chenwei Zhang, Yaliang Li, Nan Du, Wei Fan, Philip S. Yu
BANANA: when Behavior ANAlysis meets social Network Alignment
Fuxin Ren, Zhongbao Zhang, Jiawei Zhang, Sen Su, Li Sun, Guozhen Zhu, Congying Guo
Proximal Gradient Algorithm with Momentum and Flexible Parameter Restart for Nonconvex Optimization
Yi Zhou, Zhe Wang, Kaiyi Ji, Yingbin Liang, Vahid Tarokh
Bilinear Graph Neural Network with Neighbor Interactions
Hongmin Zhu, Fuli Feng, Xiangnan He, Xiang Wang, Yan Li, Kai Zheng, Yongdong Zhang
Heuristic Search and Game Playing
Unsatisfiability Proofs for Weight 16 Codewords in Lam's Problem
Curtis Bright, Kevin K.H. Cheung, Brett Stevens, Ilias Kotsireas, Vijay Ganesh
Two-goal Local Search and Inference Rules for Minimum Dominating Set
Shaowei Cai, Wenying Hou, Yiyuan Wang, Chuan Luo, Qingwei Lin
Self-Guided Evolution Strategies with Historical Estimated Gradients
Fei-Yu Liu, Zi-Niu Li, Chao Qian
Vertex Weighting-Based Tabu Search for p-Center Problem
Qingyun Zhang, Zhipeng Lü, Zhouxing Su, Chumin Li, Yuan Fang, Fuda Ma
Exploration Based Language Learning for Text-Based Games
Andrea Madotto, Mahdi Namazifar, Joost Huizinga, Piero Molino, Adrien Ecoffet, Huaixiu Zheng, Alexandros Papangelis, Dian Yu, Chandra Khatri, Gokhan Tur
Intelligent Virtual Machine Provisioning in Cloud Computing
Chuan Luo, Bo Qiao, Xin Chen, Pu Zhao, Randolph Yao, Hongyu Zhang, Wei Wu, Andrew Zhou, Qingwei Lin
NuCDS: An Efficient Local Search Algorithm for Minimum Connected Dominating Set
Bohan Li, Xindi Zhang, Shaowei Cai, Jinkun Lin, Yiyuan Wang, Christian Blum
Humans and AI
Structured Probabilistic End-to-End Learning from Crowds
Zhijun Chen, Huimin Wang, Hailong Sun, Pengpeng Chen, Tao Han, Xudong Liu, Jie Yang
LISNN: Improving Spiking Neural Networks with Lateral Interactions for Robust Object Recognition
Xiang Cheng, Yunzhe Hao, Jiaming Xu, Bo Xu
Learning to Complement Humans
Bryan Wilder, Eric Horvitz, Ece Kamar
Performance as a Constraint: An Improved Wisdom of Crowds Using Performance Regularization
Jiyi Li, Yasushi Kawase, Yukino Baba, Hisashi Kashima
Aggregating Crowd Wisdom with Side Information via a Clustering-based Label-aware Autoencoder
Li'ang Yin, Yunfei Liu, Weinan Zhang, Yong Yu
Incorporating Failure Events in Agents’ Decision Making to Improve User Satisfaction
David Sarne, Chen Rozenshtein
Incorporating Failure Events in Agents’ Decision Making to Improve User Satisfaction
David Sarne, Chen Rozenshtein
Optimal Complex Task Assignment in Service Crowdsourcing
Feilong Tang
Learning Regional Attention Convolutional Neural Network for Motion Intention Recognition Based on EEG Data
Zhijie Fang, Weiqun Wang, Shixin Ren, Jiaxing Wang, Weiguo Shi, Xu Liang, Chen-Chen Fan, Zeng-Guang Hou
Improving Knowledge Tracing via Pre-training Question Embeddings
Yunfei Liu, Yang Yang, Xianyu Chen, Jian Shen, Haifeng Zhang, Yong Yu
Knowledge Representation and Reasoning
Boolean Games: Inferring Agents' Goals Using Taxation Queries
Abhijin Adiga, Sarit Kraus, Oleg Maksimov, S. S. Ravi
Pitfalls of Learning a Reward Function Online
Stuart Armstrong, Jan Leike, Laurent Orseau, Shane Legg
A Dataset Complexity Measure for Analogical Transfer
Fadi Badra
Answering Counting Queries over DL-Lite Ontologies
Meghyn Bienvenu, Quentin Manière, Michaël Thomazo
Implementing Theory of Mind on a Robot Using Dynamic Epistemic Logic
Lasse Dissing, Thomas Bolander
Maximizing the Spread of an Opinion in Few Steps: Opinion Diffusion in Non-Binary Networks
Robert Bredereck, Lilian Jacobs, Leon Kellerhals
Diagnosing Software Faults Using Multiverse Analysis
Prantik Chatterjee, Abhijit Chatterjee, Jose Campos, Rui Abreu, Subhajit Roy
Deductive Module Extraction for Expressive Description Logics
Patrick Koopmann, Jieying Chen
Neural Entity Summarization with Joint Encoding and Weak Supervision
Junyou Li, Gong Cheng, Qingxia Liu, Wen Zhang, Evgeny Kharlamov, Kalpa Gunaratna, Huajun Chen
Switch-List Representations in a Knowledge Compilation Map
Ondřej Čepek, Miloš Chromý
Counting Query Answers over a DL-Lite Knowledge Base
Diego Calvanese, Julien Corman, Davide Lanti, Simon Razniewski
Deep Learning for Abstract Argumentation Semantics
Dennis Craandijk, Floris Bex
Synthesizing strategies under expected and exceptional environment behaviors
Benjamin Aminof, Giuseppe De Giacomo, Alessio Lomuscio, Aniello Murano, Sasha Rubin
A Framework for Reasoning about Dynamic Axioms in Description Logics
Bartosz Bednarczyk, Stephane Demri, Alessio Mansutti
Overcoming the Grounding Bottleneck Due to Constraints in ASP Solving: Constraints Become Propagators
Bernardo Cuteri, Carmine Dodaro, Francesco Ricca, Peter Schüller
A Logic of Directions
Heshan Du, Natasha Alechina, Anthony G. Cohn
Automatic Synthesis of Generalized Winning Strategies of Impartial Combinatorial Games Using SMT Solvers
Kaisheng Wu, Liangda Fang, Liping Xiong, Zhao-Rong Lai, Yong Qiao, Kaidong Chen, Fei Rong
Revisiting the Notion of Extension over Incomplete Abstract Argumentation Frameworks
Bettina Fazzinga, Sergio Flesca, Filippo Furfaro
All-Instances Oblivious Chase Termination is Undecidable for Single-Head Binary TGDs
Bartosz Bednarczyk, Robert Ferens, Piotr Ostropolski-Nalewaja
Semantic Width and the Fixed-Parameter Tractability of Constraint Satisfaction Problems
Hubie Chen, Georg Gottlob, Matthias Lanzinger, Reinhard Pichler
Smart Voting
Rachael Colley, Umberto Grandi, Arianna Novaro
The Complexity Landscape of Resource-Constrained Scheduling
Robert Ganian, Thekla Hamm, Guillaume Mescoff
Enriching Documents with Compact, Representative, Relevant Knowledge Graphs
Shuxin Li, Zixian Huang, Gong Cheng, Evgeny Kharlamov, Kalpa Gunaratna
NeurASP: Embracing Neural Networks into Answer Set Programming
Zhun Yang, Adam Ishay, Joohyung Lee
Belief Merging Operators as Maximum Likelihood Estimators
Patricia Everaere, Sebastien Konieczny, Pierre Marquis
On Computational Aspects of Iterated Belief Change
Nicolas Schwind, Sebastien Konieczny, Jean-Marie Lagniez, Pierre Marquis
Rewriting the Description Logic ALCHIQ to Disjunctive Existential Rules
David Carral, Markus Krötzsch
Lower Bounds and Faster Algorithms for Equality Constraints
Peter Jonsson, Victor Lagerkvist
Controlled Query Evaluation in Description Logics Through Instance Indistinguishability
Gianluca Cima, Domenico Lembo, Riccardo Rosati, Domenico Fabio Savo
On the Decidability of Intuitionistic Tense Logic without Disjunction
Fei Liang, Zhe Lin
A Modal Logic for Joint Abilities under Strategy Commitments
Zhaoshuai Liu, Liping Xiong, Yongmei Liu, Yves Lespérance, Ronghai Xu, Hongyi Shi
On Robustness in Qualitative Constraint Networks
Michael Sioutis, Zhiguo Long, Tomi Janhunen
Cone Semantics for Logics with Negation
Özgür Lütfü Özçep, Mena Leemhuis, Diedrich Wolter
A Journey into Ontology Approximation: From Non-Horn to Horn
Anneke Haga, Carsten Lutz, Johannes Marti, Frank Wolter
Lower Bounds for Approximate Knowledge Compilation
Alexis de Colnet, Stefan Mengel
A Fully Rational Account of Structured Argumentation Under Resource Bounds
Marcello D'Agostino, Sanjay Modgil
Solving Analogies on Words based on Minimal Complexity Transformation
Pierre-Alexandre Murena, Marie Al-Ghossein, Jean-Louis Dessalles, Antoine Cornuéjols
Controllability of Control Argumentation Frameworks
Andreas Niskanen, Daniel Neugebauer, Matti Järvisalo
Provenance for the Description Logic ELHr
Camille Bourgaux, Ana Ozaki, Rafael Penaloza, Livia Predoiu
On the Learnability of Possibilistic Theories
Cosimo Persia, Ana Ozaki
Concurrent Games in Dynamic Epistemic Logic
Bastien Maubert, Sophie Pinchinat, Francois Schwarzentruber, Silvia Stranieri
Model-Based Synthesis of Incremental and Correct Estimators for Discrete Event Systems
Stéphanie Roussel, Xavier Pucel, Valentin Bouziat, Louise Travé-Massuyès
Inconsistency Measurement for Improving Logical Formula Clustering
Yakoub Salhi
Threshold Treewidth and Hypertree Width
Robert Ganian, Andre Schidler, Manuel Sorge, Stefan Szeider
Adversarial Oracular Seq2seq Learning for Sequential Recommendation
Pengyu Zhao, Tianxiao Shui, Yuanxing Zhang, Kecheng Xiao, Kaigui Bian
Ranking Semantics for Argumentation Systems With Necessities
Dragan Doder, Srdjan Vesic, Madalina Croitoru
Tractable Fragments of Datalog with Metric Temporal Operators
Przemysław A. Wałęga, Bernardo Cuenca Grau, Mark Kaminski, Egor V. Kostylev
Reasoning Like Human: Hierarchical Reinforcement Learning for Knowledge Graph Reasoning
Guojia Wan, Shirui Pan, Chen Gong, Chuan Zhou, Gholamreza Haffari
Query Answering for Existential Rules via Efficient Datalog Rewriting
Zhe Wang, Peng Xiao, Kewen Wang, Zhiqiang Zhuang, Hai Wan
Model-theoretic Characterizations of Existential Rule Languages
Heng Zhang, Yan Zhang, Guifei Jiang
Machine Learning
Learning and Solving Regular Decision Processes
Eden Abadi, Ronen I. Brafman
Stabilizing Adversarial Invariance Induction from Divergence Minimization Perspective
Yusuke Iwasawa, Kei Akuzawa, Yutaka Matsuo
Learning With Subquadratic Regularization : A Primal-Dual Approach
Raman Sankaran, Francis Bach, Chiranjib Bhattacharyya
Learning Interpretable Representations with Informative Entanglements
Ege Beyazıt, Doruk Tuncel, Xu Yuan, Nian-Feng Tzeng, Xindong Wu
Order-Dependent Event Models for Agent Interactions
Debarun Bhattacharjya, Tian Gao, Dharmashankar Subramanian
Neural Representation and Learning of Hierarchical 2-additive Choquet Integrals
Roman Bresson, Johanne Cohen, Eyke Hüllermeier, Christophe Labreuche, Michèle Sebag
Reinforcement Learning with Dynamic Boltzmann Softmax Updates
Ling Pan, Qingpeng Cai, Qi Meng, Wei Chen, Longbo Huang
A New Attention Mechanism to Classify Multivariate Time Series
Yifan Hao, Huiping Cao
Explainable Inference on Sequential Data via Memory-Tracking
Biagio La Rosa, Roberto Capobianco, Daniele Nardi
Positive Unlabeled Learning with Class-prior Approximation
Shizhen Chang, Bo Du, Liangpei Zhang
IR-VIC: Unsupervised Discovery of Sub-goals for Transfer in RL
Nirbhay Modhe, Prithvijit Chattopadhyay, Mohit Sharma, Abhishek Das, Devi Parikh, Dhruv Batra, Ramakrishna Vedantam
Switching Poisson Gamma Dynamical Systems
Wenchao Chen, Bo Chen, Yicheng Liu, Qianru Zhao, Mingyuan Zhou
Variational Learning of Bayesian Neural Networks via Bayesian Dark Knowledge
Gehui Shen, Xi Chen, Zhihong Deng
Bayesian Decision Process for Budget-efficient Crowdsourced Clustering
Xiaozhou Wang, Xi Chen, Qihang Lin, Weidong Liu
An Online Learning Framework for Energy-Efficient Navigation of Electric Vehicles
Niklas Åkerblom, Yuxin Chen, Morteza Haghir Chehreghani
Compressed Self-Attention for Deep Metric Learning with Low-Rank Approximation
Ziye Chen, Mingming Gong, Lingjuan Ge, Bo Du
Flow-based Intrinsic Curiosity Module
Hsuan-Kung Yang, Po-Han Chiang, Min-Fong Hong, Chun-Yi Lee
Learning Large Logic Programs By Going Beyond Entailment
Andrew Cropper, Sebastijan Dumančic
Fully Nested Neural Network for Adaptive Compression and Quantization
Yufei Cui, Ziquan Liu, Wuguannan Yao, Qiao Li, Antoni B. Chan, Tei-wei Kuo, Chun Jason Xue
SI-VDNAS: Semi-Implicit Variational Dropout for Hierarchical One-shot Neural Architecture Search
Yaoming Wang, Wenrui Dai, Chenglin Li, Junni Zou, Hongkai Xiong
Potential Driven Reinforcement Learning for Hard Exploration Tasks
Enmin Zhao, Shihong Deng, Yifan Zang, Yongxin Kang, Kai Li, Junliang Xing
The Sparse MinMax k-Means Algorithm for High-Dimensional Clustering
Sayak Dey, Swagatam Das, Rammohan Mallipeddi
Direct Quantization for Training Highly Accurate Low Bit-width Deep Neural Networks
Tuan Hoang, Thanh-Toan Do, Tam V. Nguyen, Ngai-Man Cheung
Marthe: Scheduling the Learning Rate Via Online Hypergradients
Michele Donini, Luca Franceschi, Orchid Majumder, Massimiliano Pontil, Paolo Frasconi
Coloring Graph Neural Networks for Node Disambiguation
George Dasoulas, Ludovic Dos Santos, Kevin Scaman, Aladin Virmaux
Self-paced Consensus Clustering with Bipartite Graph
Peng Zhou, Liang Du, Xuejun Li
Handling Black Swan Events in Deep Learning with Diversely Extrapolated Neural Networks
Maxime Wabartha, Audrey Durand, Vincent François-Lavet, Joelle Pineau
Non-monotone DR-submodular Maximization over General Convex Sets
Christoph Dürr, Nguyen Kim Thang, Abhinav Srivastav, Léo Tible
Learning from Few Positives: a Provably Accurate Metric Learning Algorithm to Deal with Imbalanced Data
Rémi Viola, Rémi Emonet, Amaury Habrard, Guillaume Metzler, Marc Sebban
Metric Learning in Optimal Transport for Domain Adaptation
Tanguy Kerdoncuff, Rémi Emonet, Marc Sebban
Memory Augmented Neural Model for Incremental Session-based Recommendation
Fei Mi, Boi Faltings
Decorrelated Clustering with Data Selection Bias
Xiao Wang, Shaohua Fan, Kun Kuang, Chuan Shi, Jiawei Liu, Bai Wang
Location Prediction over Sparse User Mobility Traces Using RNNs: Flashback in Hidden States!
Dingqi Yang, Benjamin Fankhauser, Paolo Rosso, Philippe Cudre-Mauroux
Knowledge Hypergraphs: Prediction Beyond Binary Relations
Bahare Fatemi, Perouz Taslakian, David Vazquez, David Poole
Solving Hard AI Planning Instances Using Curriculum-Driven Deep Reinforcement Learning
Dieqiao Feng, Carla Gomes, Bart Selman
Can Cross Entropy Loss Be Robust to Label Noise?
Lei Feng, Senlin Shu, Zhuoyi Lin, Fengmao Lv, Li Li, Bo An
Learning Interpretable Models in the Property Specification Language
Rajarshi Roy, Dana Fisman, Daniel Neider
Best Arm Identification in Spectral Bandits
Tomáš Kocák, Aurélien Garivier
Effective Search of Logical Forms for Weakly Supervised Knowledge-Based Question Answering
Tao Shen, Xiubo Geng, Guodong Long, Jing Jiang, Chengqi Zhang, Daxin Jiang
Human-Driven FOL Explanations of Deep Learning
Gabriele Ciravegna, Francesco Giannini, Marco Gori, Marco Maggini, Stefano Melacci
Disentangling Direct and Indirect Interactions in Polytomous Item Response Theory Models
Frank Nussbaum, Joachim Giesen
Online Positive and Unlabeled Learning
Chuang Zhang, Chen Gong, Tengfei Liu, Xun Lu, Weiqiang Wang, Jian Yang
Batch Decorrelation for Active Metric Learning
Priyadarshini Kumari, Ritesh Goru, Siddhartha Chaudhuri, Subhasis Chaudhuri
Fairness-Aware Neural Rényi Minimization for Continuous Features
Vincent Grari, Sylvain Lamprier, Marcin Detyniecki
Towards Accurate and Robust Domain Adaptation under Noisy Environments
Zhongyi Han, Xian-Jin Gui, Chaoran Cui, Yilong Yin
FNNC: Achieving Fairness through Neural Networks
Manisha Padala, Sujit Gujar
Randomised Gaussian Process Upper Confidence Bound for Bayesian Optimisation
Julian Berk, Sunil Gupta, Santu Rana, Svetha Venkatesh
KoGuN: Accelerating Deep Reinforcement Learning via Integrating Human Suboptimal Knowledge
Peng Zhang, Jianye Hao, Weixun Wang, Hongyao Tang, Yi Ma, Yihai Duan, Yan Zheng
Soft Threshold Ternary Networks
Weixiang Xu, Xiangyu He, Tianli Zhao, Qinghao Hu, Peisong Wang, Jian Cheng
DeepView: Visualizing Classification Boundaries of Deep Neural Networks as Scatter Plots Using Discriminative Dimensionality Reduction
Alexander Schulz, Fabian Hinder, Barbara Hammer
Complete Bottom-Up Predicate Invention in Meta-Interpretive Learning
Céline Hocquette, Stephen H. Muggleton
Interpretable Models for Understanding Immersive Simulations
Nicholas Hoernle, Kobi Gal, Barbara Grosz, Leilah Lyons, Ada Ren, Andee Rubin
DropNAS: Grouped Operation Dropout for Differentiable Architecture Search
Weijun Hong, Guilin Li, Weinan Zhang, Ruiming Tang, Yunhe Wang, Zhenguo Li, Yong Yu
Intention2Basket: A Neural Intention-driven Approach for Dynamic Next-basket Planning
Shoujin Wang, Liang Hu, Yan Wang, Quan Z. Sheng, Mehmet Orgun, Longbing Cao
Stochastic Batch Augmentation with An Effective Distilled Dynamic Soft Label Regularizer
Qian Li, Qingyuan Hu, Yong Qi, Saiyu Qi, Jie Ma, Jian Zhang
Unsupervised Monocular Visual-inertial Odometry Network
Peng Wei, Guoliang Hua, Weibo Huang, Fanyang Meng, Hong Liu
LSGCN: Long Short-Term Traffic Prediction with Graph Convolutional Networks
Rongzhou Huang, Chuyin Huang, Yubao Liu, Genan Dai, Weiyang Kong
Arbitrary Talking Face Generation via Attentional Audio-Visual Coherence Learning
Hao Zhu, Huaibo Huang, Yi Li, Aihua Zheng, Ran He
Tensor-based multi-view label enhancement for multi-label learning
Fangwen Zhang, Xiuyi Jia, Weiwei Li
Privileged label enhancement with multi-label learning
Wenfang Zhu, Xiuyi Jia, Weiwei Li
Optimal Margin Distribution Machine for Multi-Instance Learning
Teng Zhang, Hai Jin
Knowledge-Based Regularization in Generative Modeling
Naoya Takeishi, Yoshinobu Kawahara
Generalized Mean Estimation in Monte-Carlo Tree Search
Tuan Dam, Pascal Klink, Carlo D'Eramo, Jan Peters, Joni Pajarinen
Logic Constrained Pointer Networks for Interpretable Textual Similarity
Subhadeep Maji, Rohan Kumar, Manish Bansal, Kalyani Roy, Pawan Goyal
Learning with Labeled and Unlabeled Multi-Step Transition Data for Recovering Markov Chain from Incomplete Transition Data
Masahiro Kohjima, Takeshi Kurashima, Hiroyuki Toda
Towards a Hierarchical Bayesian Model of Multi-View Anomaly Detection
Zhen Wang, Chao Lan
Synthesizing Aspect-Driven Recommendation Explanations from Reviews
Trung-Hoang Le, Hady W. Lauw
Convolutional Neural Networks with Compression Complexity Pooling for Out-of-Distribution Image Detection
Sehun Yu, Dongha Lee, Hwanjo Yu
Embodied Multimodal Multitask Learning
Devendra Singh Chaplot, Lisa Lee, Ruslan Salakhutdinov, Devi Parikh, Dhruv Batra
Neural Tensor Model for Learning Multi-Aspect Factors in Recommender Systems
Huiyuan Chen, Jing Li
Scalable Gaussian Process Regression Networks
Shibo Li, Wei Xing, Robert M. Kirby, Shandian Zhe
AdaBERT: Task-Adaptive BERT Compression with Differentiable Neural Architecture Search
Daoyuan Chen, Yaliang Li, Minghui Qiu, Zhen Wang, Bofang Li, Bolin Ding, Hongbo Deng, Jun Huang, Wei Lin, Jingren Zhou
Recurrent Dirichlet Belief Networks for interpretable Dynamic Relational Data Modelling
Yaqiong Li, Xuhui Fan, Ling Chen, Bin Li, Zheng Yu, Scott A. Sisson
Collaboration Based Multi-Label Propagation for Fraud Detection
Haobo Wang, Zhao Li, Jiaming Huang, Pengrui Hui, Weiwei Liu, Tianlei Hu, Gang Chen
Contextualized Point-of-Interest Recommendation
Peng Han, Zhongxiao Li, Yong Liu, Peilin Zhao, Jing Li, Hao Wang, Shuo Shang
MaCAR: Urban Traffic Light Control via Active Multi-agent Communication and Action Rectification
Zhengxu Yu, Shuxian Liang, Long Wei, Zhongming Jin, Jianqiang Huang, Deng Cai, Xiaofei He, Xian-Sheng Hua
Hypothesis Sketching for Online Kernel Selection in Continuous Kernel Space
Xiao Zhang, Shizhong Liao
Balancing Individual Preferences and Shared Objectives in Multiagent Reinforcement Learning
Ishan Durugkar, Elad Liebman, Peter Stone
Multi-label Feature Selection via Global Relevance and Redundancy Optimization
Jia Zhang, Yidong Lin, Min Jiang, Shaozi Li, Yong Tang, Kay Chen Tan
Deep Feedback Network for Recommendation
Ruobing Xie, Cheng Ling, Yalong Wang, Rui Wang, Feng Xia, Leyu Lin
Clarinet: A One-step Approach Towards Budget-friendly Unsupervised Domain Adaptation
Yiyang Zhang, Feng Liu, Zhen Fang, Bo Yuan, Guangquan Zhang, Jie Lu
Argot: Generating Adversarial Readable Chinese Texts
Zihan Zhang, Mingxuan Liu, Chao Zhang, Yiming Zhang, Zhou Li, Qi Li, Haixin Duan, Donghong Sun
Joint Partial Optimal Transport for Open Set Domain Adaptation
Renjun Xu, Pelen Liu, Yin Zhang, Fang Cai, Jindong Wang, Shuoying Liang, Heting Ying, Jianwei Yin
Multivariate Probability Calibration with Isotonic Bernstein Polynomials
Yongqiao Wang, Xudong Liu
Combinatorial Multi-Armed Bandits with Concave Rewards and Fairness Constraints
Huanle Xu, Yang Liu, Wing Cheong Lau, Rui Li
Learning Personalized Itemset Mapping for Cross-Domain Recommendation
Yinan Zhang, Yong Liu, Peng Han, Chunyan Miao, Lizhen Cui, Baoli Li, Haihong Tang
Label Distribution for Learning with Noisy Labels
Yun-Peng Liu, Ning Xu, Yu Zhang, Xin Geng
Intent Preference Decoupling for User Representation on Online Recommender System
Zhaoyang Liu, Haokun Chen, Fei Sun, Xu Xie, Jinyang Gao, Bolin Ding, Yanyan Shen
Beyond Network Pruning: a Joint Search-and-Training Approach
Xiaotong Lu, Han Huang, Weisheng Dong, Xin Li, Guangming Shi
Collaborative Self-Attention Network for Session-based Recommendation
Anjing Luo, Pengpeng Zhao, Yanchi Liu, Fuzhen Zhuang, Deqing Wang, Jiajie Xu, Junhua Fang, Victor S. Sheng
Sinkhorn Regression
Lei Luo, Jian Pei, Heng Huang
A Bi-level Formulation for Label Noise Learning with Spectral Cluster Discovery
Yijing Luo, Bo Han, Chen Gong
Partial Multi-Label Learning via Multi-Subspace Representation
Ziwei Li, Gengyu Lyu, Songhe Feng
Feature Statistics Guided Efficient Filter Pruning
Hang Li, Chen Ma, Wei Xu, Xue Liu
On Deep Unsupervised Active Learning
Changsheng Li, Handong Ma, Zhao Kang, Ye Yuan, Xiao-Yu Zhang, Guoren Wang
Mixed-Variable Bayesian Optimization
Erik Daxberger, Anastasia Makarova, Matteo Turchetta, Andreas Krause
The Importance of the Test Set Size in Quantification Assessment
André Maletzke, Waqar Hassan, Denis dos Reis, Gustavo Batista
Understanding the Power and Limitations of Teaching with Imperfect Knowledge
Rati Devidze, Farnam Mansouri, Luis Haug, Yuxin Chen, Adish Singla
Self-Attentional Credit Assignment for Transfer in Reinforcement Learning
Johan Ferret, Raphael Marinier, Matthieu Geist, Olivier Pietquin
Textual Membership Queries
Jonathan Zarecki, Shaul Markovitch
I4R: Promoting Deep Reinforcement Learning by the Indicator for Expressive Representations
Xufang Luo, Qi Meng, Di He, Wei Chen, Yunhong Wang
Learning Neural-Symbolic Descriptive Planning Models via Cube-Space Priors: The Voyage Home (to STRIPS)
Masataro Asai, Christian Muise
Optimality, Accuracy, and Efficiency of an Exact Functional Test
Hien H. Nguyen, Hua Zhong, Mingzhou Song
Explainable Recommendation via Interpretable Feature Mapping and Evaluation of Explainability
Deng Pan, Xiangrui Li, Xin Li, Dongxiao Zhu
SVRG for Policy Evaluation with Fewer Gradient Evaluations
Zilun Peng, Ahmed Touati, Pascal Vincent, Doina Precup
Diffusion Variational Autoencoders
Luis A. Perez Rey, Vlado Menkovski, Jim Portegies
Only Relevant Information Matters: Filtering Out Noisy Samples To Boost RL
Yannis Flet-Berliac, Philippe Preux
Consistent MetaReg: Alleviating Intra-task Discrepancy for Better Meta-knowledge
Pinzhuo Tian, Lei Qi, Shaokang Dong, Yinghuan Shi, Yang Gao
Accelerating Stratified Sampling SGD by Reconstructing Strata
Weijie Liu, Hui Qian, Chao Zhang, Zebang Shen, Jiahao Xie, Nenggan Zheng
Internal and Contextual Attention Network for Cold-start Multi-channel Matching in Recommendation
Ruobing Xie, Zhijie Qiu, Jun Rao, Yi Liu, Bo Zhang, Leyu Lin
KGNN: Knowledge Graph Neural Network for Drug-Drug Interaction Prediction
Xuan Lin, Zhe Quan, Zhi-Jie Wang, Tengfei Ma, Xiangxiang Zeng
Toward a neuro-inspired creative decoder
Payel Das, Brian Quanz, Pin-Yu Chen, Jae-wook Ahn, Dhruv Shah
Inference-Masked Loss for Deep Structured Output Learning
Quan Guo, Hossein Rajaby Faghihi, Yue Zhang, Andrzej Uszok, Parisa Kordjamshidi
Deep Latent Low-Rank Fusion Network for Progressive Subspace Discovery
Zhao Zhang, Jiahuan Ren, Zheng Zhang, Guangcan Liu
General Purpose MRF Learning with Neural Network Potentials
Hao Xiong, Nicholas Ruozzi
Measuring the Discrepancy between Conditional Distributions: Methods, Properties and Applications
Shujian Yu, Ammar Shaker, Francesco Alesiani, Jose Principe
Temporal Attribute Prediction via Joint Modeling of Multi-Relational Structure Evolution
Sankalp Garg, Navodita Sharma, Woojeong Jin, Xiang Ren
Is the Skip Connection Provable to Reform the Neural Network Loss Landscape?
Lifu Wang, Bo Shen, Ning Zhao, Zhiyuan Zhang
Exploiting Neuron and Synapse Filter Dynamics in Spatial Temporal Learning of Deep Spiking Neural Network
Haowen Fang, Amar Shrestha, Ziyi Zhao, Qinru Qiu
Mutual Information Estimation using LSH Sampling
Ryan Spring, Anshumali Shrivastava
Reward Prediction Error as an Exploration Objective in Deep RL
Riley Simmons-Edler, Ben Eisner, Daniel Yang, Anthony Bisulco, Eric Mitchell, Sebastian Seung, Daniel Lee
BRPO: Batch Residual Policy Optimization
Sungryull Sohn, Yinlam Chow, Jayden Ooi, Ofir Nachum, Honglak Lee, Ed Chi, Craig Boutilier
Communicative Representation Learning on Attributed Molecular Graphs
Ying Song, Shuangjia Zheng, Zhangming Niu, Zhang-hua Fu, Yutong Lu, Yuedong Yang
Spectral Pruning: Compressing Deep Neural Networks via Spectral Analysis and its Generalization Error
Taiji Suzuki, Hiroshi Abe, Tomoya Murata, Shingo Horiuchi, Kotaro Ito, Tokuma Wachi, So Hirai, Masatoshi Yukishima, Tomoaki Nishimura
Reinforcement Learning Framework for Deep Brain Stimulation Study
Dmitrii Krylov, Remi Tachet des Combes, Romain Laroche, Michael Rosenblum, Dmitry V. Dylov
DACE: Distribution-Aware Counterfactual Explanation by Mixed-Integer Linear Optimization
Kentaro Kanamori, Takuya Takagi, Ken Kobayashi, Hiroki Arimura
Constrained Policy Improvement for Efficient Reinforcement Learning
Elad Sarafian, Aviv Tamar, Sarit Kraus
Adaptively Multi-Objective Adversarial Training for Dialogue Generation
Xuemiao Zhang, Zhouxing Tan, Xiaoning Zhang, Yang Cao, Rui Yan
Multi-Class Imbalanced Graph Convolutional Network Learning
Min Shi, Yufei Tang, Xingquan Zhu, David Wilson, Jianxun Liu
Learning in the Wild with Incremental Skeptical Gaussian Processes
Andrea Bontempelli, Stefano Teso, Fausto Giunchiglia, Andrea Passerini
Seq-U-Net: A One-Dimensional Causal U-Net for Efficient Sequence Modelling
Daniel Stoller, Mi Tian, Sebastian Ewert, Simon Dixon
Independent Skill Transfer for Deep Reinforcement Learning
Qiangxing Tian, Guanchu Wang, Jinxin Liu, Donglin Wang, Yachen Kang
Crowdsourcing with Multiple-Source Knowledge Transfer
Guangyang Han, Jinzheng Tu, Guoxian Yu, Jun Wang, Carlotta Domeniconi
Class Prior Estimation in Active Positive and Unlabeled Learning
Lorenzo Perini, Vincent Vercruyssen, Jesse Davis
Reducing Underflow in Mixed Precision Training by Gradient Scaling
Ruizhe Zhao, Brian Vogel, Tanvir Ahmed, Wayne Luk
Triple-GAIL: A Multi-Modal Imitation Learning Framework with Generative Adversarial Nets
Cong Fei, Bin Wang, Yuzheng Zhuang, Zongzhang Zhang, Jianye Hao, Hongbo Zhang, Xuewu Ji, Wulong Liu
Nearly Optimal Regret for Stochastic Linear Bandits with Heavy-Tailed Payoffs
Bo Xue, Guanghui Wang, Yimu Wang, Lijun Zhang
Learning From Multi-Dimensional Partial Labels
Haobo Wang, Weiwei Liu, Yang Zhao, Tianlei Hu, Ke Chen, Gang Chen
Unsupervised Representation Learning by Predicting Random Distances
Hu Wang, Guansong Pang, Chunhua Shen, Congbo Ma
Asymmetric Distribution Measure for Few-shot Learning
Wenbin Li, Lei Wang, Jing Huo, Yinghuan Shi, Yang Gao, Jiebo Luo
Quadratic Sparse Gaussian Graphical Model Estimation Method for Massive Variables
Jiaqi Zhang, Meng Wang, Qinchi Li, Sen Wang, Xiaojun Chang, Beilun Wang
Multi-View Attribute Graph Convolution Networks for Clustering
Jiafeng Cheng, Qianqian Wang, Zhiqiang Tao, Deyan Xie, Quanxue Gao
Classification with Rejection: Scaling Generative Classifiers with Supervised Deep Infomax
Xin Wang, Siu Ming Yiu
TransRHS: A Representation Learning Method for Knowledge Graphs with Relation Hierarchical Structure
Fuxiang Zhang, Xin Wang, Zhao Li, Jianxin Li
Towards Explainable Conversational Recommendation
Zhongxia Chen, Xiting Wang, Xing Xie, Mehul Parsana, Akshay Soni, Xiang Ao, Enhong Chen
A Graphical and Attentional Framework for Dual-Target Cross-Domain Recommendation
Feng Zhu, Yan Wang, Chaochao Chen, Guanfeng Liu, Xiaolin Zheng
Discriminative Feature Selection via A Structured Sparse Subspace Learning Module
Zheng Wang, Feiping Nie, Lai Tian, Rong Wang, Xuelong Li
Evaluating and Aggregating Feature-based Model Explanations
Umang Bhatt, Adrian Weller, José M. F. Moura
User Modeling with Click Preference and Reading Satisfaction for News Recommendation
Chuhan Wu, Fangzhao Wu, Tao Qi, Yongfeng Huang
RDF-to-Text Generation with Graph-augmented Structural Neural Encoders
Hanning Gao, Lingfei Wu, Po Hu, Fangli Xu
Hybrid Learning for Multi-agent Cooperation with Sub-optimal Demonstrations
Peixi Peng, Junliang Xing, Lili Cao
Bayesian Optimization using Pseudo-Points
Chao Qian, Hang Xiong, Ke Xue
Analysis of Q-learning with Adaptation and Momentum Restart for Gradient Descent
Bowen Weng, Huaqing Xiong, Yingbin Liang, Wei Zhang
Discovering Latent Class Labels for Multi-Label Learning
Jun Huang, Linchuan Xu, Jing Wang, Lei Feng, Kenji Yamanishi
MergeNAS: Merge Operations into One for Differentiable Architecture Search
Xiaoxing Wang, Chao Xue, Junchi Yan, Xiaokang Yang, Yonggang Hu, Kewei Sun
BaKer-Nets: Bayesian Random Kernel Mapping Networks
Hui Xue, Zheng-Fan Wu
On Metric DBSCAN with Low Doubling Dimension
Hu Ding, Fan Yang, Mingyue Wang
Multi-Feedback Bandit Learning with Probabilistic Contexts
Luting Yang, Jianyi Yang, Shaolei Ren
Efficient Deep Reinforcement Learning via Adaptive Policy Transfer
Tianpei Yang, Jianye Hao, Zhaopeng Meng, Zongzhang Zhang, Yujing Hu, Yingfeng Chen, Changjie Fan, Weixun Wang, Wulong Liu, Zhaodong Wang, Jiajie Peng
Greedy Convex Ensemble
Thanh Tan Nguyen, Nan Ye, Peter Bartlett
MULTIPOLAR: Multi-Source Policy Aggregation for Transfer Reinforcement Learning between Diverse Environmental Dynamics
Mohammadamin Barekatain, Ryo Yonetani, Masashi Hamaya
Gradient Perturbation is Underrated for Differentially Private Convex Optimization
Da Yu, Huishuai Zhang, Wei Chen, Jian Yin, Tie-Yan Liu
Weakly-Supervised Multi-view Multi-instance Multi-label Learning
Yuying Xing, Guoxian Yu, Jun Wang, Carlotta Domeniconi, Xiangliang Zhang
I²HRL: Interactive Influence-based Hierarchical Reinforcement Learning
Rundong Wang, Runsheng Yu, Bo An, Zinovi Rabinovich
A Dual Input-aware Factorization Machine for CTR Prediction
Wantong Lu, Yantao Yu, Yongzhe Chang, Zhen Wang, Chenhui Li, Bo Yuan
Dual Policy Distillation
Kwei-Herng Lai, Daochen Zha, Yuening Li, Xia Hu
Exploring Parameter Space with Structured Noise for Meta-Reinforcement Learning
Hui Xu, Chong Zhang, Jiaxing Wang, Deqiang Ouyang, Yu Zheng, Jie Shao
Semi-supervised Clustering via Pairwise Constrained Optimal Graph
Feiping Nie, Han Zhang, Rong Wang, Xuelong Li
Generating Robust Audio Adversarial Examples with Temporal Dependency
Hongting Zhang, Pan Zhou, Qiben Yan, Xiao-Yang Liu
BERT-INT:A BERT-based Interaction Model For Knowledge Graph Alignment
Xiaobin Tang, Jing Zhang, Bo Chen, Yang Yang, Hong Chen, Cuiping Li
Self-adaptive Re-weighted Adversarial Domain Adaptation
Shanshan Wang, Lei Zhang
One-Shot Neural Architecture Search via Novelty Driven Sampling
Miao Zhang, Huiqi Li, Shirui Pan, Taoping Liu, Steven Su
Split to Be Slim: An Overlooked Redundancy in Vanilla Convolution
Qiulin Zhang, Zhuqing Jiang, Qishuo Lu, Jia'nan Han, Zhengxin Zeng, Shanghua Gao, Aidong Men
Joint Multi-view 2D Convolutional Neural Networks for 3D Object Classification
Jinglin Xu, Xiangsen Zhang, Wenbin Li, Xinwang Liu, Junwei Han
Trajectory Similarity Learning with Auxiliary Supervision and Optimal Matching
Hanyuan Zhang, Xinyu Zhang, Qize Jiang, Baihua Zheng, Zhenbang Sun, Weiwei Sun, Changhu Wang
Discovering Subsequence Patterns for Next POI Recommendation
Kangzhi Zhao, Yong Zhang, Hongzhi Yin, Jin Wang, Kai Zheng, Xiaofang Zhou, Chunxiao Xing
Label Enhancement for Label Distribution Learning via Prior Knowledge
Yongbiao Gao, Yu Zhang, Xin Geng
CDIMC-net: Cognitive Deep Incomplete Multi-view Clustering Network
Jie Wen, Zheng Zhang, Yong Xu, Bob Zhang, Lunke Fei, Guo-Sen Xie
P-KDGAN: Progressive Knowledge Distillation with GANs for One-class Novelty Detection
Zhiwei Zhang, Shifeng Chen, Lei Sun
EndCold: An End-to-End Framework for Cold Question Routing in Community Question Answering Services
Jiankai Sun, Jie Zhao, Huan Sun, Srinivasan Parthasarathy
Multi-Scale Group Transformer for Long Sequence Modeling in Speech Separation
Yucheng Zhao, Chong Luo, Zheng-Jun Zha, Wenjun Zeng
pbSGD: Powered Stochastic Gradient Descent Methods for Accelerated Non-Convex Optimization
Beitong Zhou, Jun Liu, Weigao Sun, Ruijuan Chen, Claire Tomlin, Ye Yuan
Closing the Generalization Gap of Adaptive Gradient Methods in Training Deep Neural Networks
Jinghui Chen, Dongruo Zhou, Yiqi Tang, Ziyan Yang, Yuan Cao, Quanquan Gu
Tight Convergence Rate of Gradient Descent for Eigenvalue Computation
Qinghua Ding, Kaiwen Zhou, James Cheng
Smart Contract Vulnerability Detection using Graph Neural Network
Yuan Zhuang, Zhenguang Liu, Peng Qian, Qi Liu, Xiang Wang, Qinming He
Unsupervised Domain Adaptation with Dual-Scheme Fusion Network for Medical Image Segmentation
Danbing Zou, Qikui Zhu, Pingkun Yan
Neighbor Combinatorial Attention for Critical Structure Mining
Tanli Zuo, Yukun Qiu, Wei-Shi Zheng
Machine Learning Applications
Inferring Degrees from Incomplete Networks and Nonlinear Dynamics
Chunheng Jiang, Jianxi Gao, Malik Magdon-Ismail
DeepWeave: Accelerating Job Completion Time with Deep Reinforcement Learning-based Coflow Scheduling
Penghao Sun, Zehua Guo, Junchao Wang, Junfei Li, Julong Lan, Yuxiang Hu
Adversarial Mutual Information Learning for Network Embedding
Dongxiao He, Lu Zhai, Zhigang Li, Di Jin, Liang Yang, Yuxiao Huang, Philip S. Yu
Binary Classification from Positive Data with Skewed Confidence
Kazuhiko Shinoda, Hirotaka Kaji, Masashi Sugiyama
A Label Attention Model for ICD Coding from Clinical Text
Thanh Vu, Dat Quoc Nguyen, Anthony Nguyen
Predicting Landslides Using Locally Aligned Convolutional Neural Networks
Ainaz Hajimoradlou, Gioachino Roberti, David Poole
Semi-Markov Reinforcement Learning for Stochastic Resource Collection
Sebastian Schmoll, Matthias Schubert
Inverse Reinforcement Learning for Team Sports: Valuing Actions and Players
Yudong Luo, Oliver Schulte, Pascal Poupart
C3MM: Clique-Closure based Hyperlink Prediction
Govind Sharma, Prasanna Patil, M. Narasimha Murty
Generating Behavior-Diverse Game AIs with Evolutionary Multi-Objective Deep Reinforcement Learning
Ruimin Shen, Yan Zheng, Jianye Hao, Zhaopeng Meng, Yingfeng Chen, Changjie Fan, Yang Liu
CDC: Classification Driven Compression for Bandwidth Efficient Edge-Cloud Collaborative Deep Learning
Yuanrui Dong, Peng Zhao, Hanqiao Yu, Cong Zhao, Shusen Yang
HID: Hierarchical Multiscale Representation Learning for Information Diffusion
Honglu Zhou, Shuyuan Xu, Zuohui Fu, Gerard de Melo, Yongfeng Zhang, Mubbasir Kapadia
Multidisciplinary Topics and Applications
The Graph-based Mutual Attentive Network for Automatic Diagnosis
Quan Yuan, Jun Chen, Chao Lu, Haifeng Huang
Towards Alleviating Traffic Congestion: Optimal Route Planning for Massive-Scale Trips
Ke Li, Lisi Chen, Shuo Shang
Automatic Emergency Diagnosis with Knowledge-Based Tree Decoding
Ke Wang, Xuyan Chen, Ning Chen, Ting Chen
Exploiting Mutual Information for Substructure-aware Graph Representation Learning
Pengyang Wang, Yanjie Fu, Yuanchun Zhou, Kunpeng Liu, Xiaolin Li, Kien Hua
Optimal Policy for Deployment of Machine Learning Models on Energy-Bounded Systems
Seyed Iman Mirzadeh, Hassan Ghasemzadeh
A Two-Stage Matheuristic Algorithm for Classical Inventory Routing Problem
Zhouxing Su, Shihao Huang, Chungen Li, Zhipeng Lü
Learning to Accelerate Heuristic Searching for Large-Scale Maximum Weighted b-Matching Problems in Online Advertising
Xiaotian Hao, Junqi Jin, Jianye Hao, Jin Li, Weixun Wang, Yi Ma, Zhenzhe Zheng, Han Li, Jian Xu, Kun Gai
FakeSpotter: A Simple yet Robust Baseline for Spotting AI-Synthesized Fake Faces
Run Wang, Felix Juefei-Xu, Lei Ma, Xiaofei Xie, Yihao Huang, Jian Wang, Yang Liu
Learning Data-Driven Drug-Target-Disease Interaction via Neural Tensor Network
Huiyuan Chen, Jing Li
Why We Go Where We Go: Profiling User Decisions on Choosing POIs
Renjun Hu, Xinjiang Lu, Chuanren Liu, Yanyan Li, Hao Liu, Jingjing Gu, Shuai Ma, Hui Xiong
MLS3RDUH: Deep Unsupervised Hashing via Manifold based Local Semantic Similarity Structure Reconstructing
Rong-Cheng Tu, Xian-Ling Mao, Wei Wei
A Game Theoretic Approach For Core Resilience
Sourav Medya, Tiyani Ma, Arlei Silva, Ambuj Singh
Differential Privacy for Stackelberg Games
Ferdinando Fioretto, Lesia Mitridati, Pascal Van Hentenryck
HyperNews: Simultaneous News Recommendation and Active-Time Prediction via a Double-Task Deep Neural Network
Rui Liu, Huilin Peng, Yong Chen, Dell Zhang
Modeling Perception Errors towards Robust Decision Making in Autonomous Vehicles
Andrea Piazzoni, Jim Cherian, Martin Slavik, Justin Dauwels
BERT-PLI: Modeling Paragraph-Level Interactions for Legal Case Retrieval
Yunqiu Shao, Jiaxin Mao, Yiqun Liu, Weizhi Ma, Ken Satoh, Min Zhang, Shaoping Ma
Auxiliary Template-Enhanced Generative Compatibility Modeling
Jinhuan Liu, Xuemeng Song, Zhaochun Ren, Liqiang Nie, Zhaopeng Tu, Jun Ma
Community-Centric Graph Convolutional Network for Unsupervised Community Detection
Dongxiao He, Yue Song, Di Jin, Zhiyong Feng, Binbin Zhang, Zhizhi Yu, Weixiong Zhang
An Attention-based Model for Conversion Rate Prediction with Delayed Feedback via Post-click Calibration
Yumin Su, Liang Zhang, Quanyu Dai, Bo Zhang, Jinyao Yan, Dan Wang, Yongjun Bao, Sulong Xu, Yang He, Weipeng Yan
Learning Model with Error -- Exposing the Hidden Model of BAYHENN
Harry W. H. Wong, Jack P. K. Ma, Donald P. H. Wong, Lucien K. L. Ng, Sherman S. M. Chow
Learning the Compositional Visual Coherence for Complementary Recommendations
Zhi Li, Bo Wu, Qi Liu, Likang Wu, Hongke Zhao, Tao Mei
Efficient Community Search over Large Directed Graph: An Augmented Index-based Approach
Yankai Chen, Jie Zhang, Yixiang Fang, Xin Cao, Irwin King
An Interactive Multi-Task Learning Framework for Next POI Recommendation with Uncertain Check-ins
Lu Zhang, Zhu Sun, Jie Zhang, Yu Lei, Chen Li, Ziqing Wu, Horst Kloeden, Felix Klanner
Pivot-based Maximal Biclique Enumeration
Aman Abidi, Rui Zhou, Lu Chen, Chengfei Liu
CooBa: Cross-project Bug Localization via Adversarial Transfer Learning
Ziye Zhu, Yun Li, Hanghang Tong, Yu Wang
Natural Language Processing
Hierarchical Linear Disentanglement of Data-Driven Conceptual Spaces
Rana Alshaikh, Zied Bouraoui, Steven Schockaert
How Far are We from Effective Context Modeling? An Exploratory Study on Semantic Parsing in Context
Qian Liu, Bei Chen, Jiaqi Guo, Jian-Guang Lou, Bin Zhou, Dongmei Zhang
Lexical-Constraint-Aware Neural Machine Translation via Data Augmentation
Guanhua Chen, Yun Chen, Yong Wang, Victor O.K. Li
Attention-based Multi-level Feature Fusion for Named Entity Recognition
Zhiwei Yang, Hechang Chen, Jiawei Zhang, Jing Ma, Yi Chang
Exemplar Guided Neural Dialogue Generation
Hengyi Cai, Hongshen Chen, Yonghao Song, Xiaofang Zhao, Dawei Yin
Knowledge Enhanced Event Causality Identification with Mention Masking Generalizations
Jian Liu, Yubo Chen, Jun Zhao
Two-Phase Hypergraph Based Reasoning with Dynamic Relations for Multi-Hop KBQA
Jiale Han, Bo Cheng, Xu Wang
LogiQA: A Challenge Dataset for Machine Reading Comprehension with Logical Reasoning
Jian Liu, Leyang Cui, Hanmeng Liu, Dandan Huang, Yile Wang, Yue Zhang
Guided Generation of Cause and Effect
Zhongyang Li, Xiao Ding, Ting Liu, J. Edward Hu, Benjamin Van Durme
EmoElicitor: An Open Domain Response Generation Model with User Emotional Reaction Awareness
Shifeng Li, Shi Feng, Daling Wang, Kaisong Song, Yifei Zhang, Weichao Wang
RECPARSER: A Recursive Semantic Parsing Framework for Text-to-SQL Task
Yu Zeng, Yan Gao, Jiaqi Guo, Bei Chen, Qian Liu, Jian-Guang Lou, Fei Teng, Dongmei Zhang
Learning Latent Forests for Medical Relation Extraction
Zhijiang Guo, Guoshun Nan, Wei LU, Shay B. Cohen
Global Structure and Local Semantics-Preserved Embeddings for Entity Alignment
Hao Nie, Xianpei Han, Le Sun, Chi Man Wong, Qiang Chen, Suhui Wu, Wei Zhang
Hierarchical Matching Network for Heterogeneous Entity Resolution
Cheng Fu, Xianpei Han, Jiaming He, Le Sun
Unsupervised Domain Adaptation of a Pretrained Cross-Lingual Language Model
Juntao Li, Ruidan He, Hai Ye, Hwee Tou Ng, Lidong Bing, Rui Yan
Retrieve, Program, Repeat: Complex Knowledge Base Question Answering via Alternate Meta-learning
Yuncheng Hua, Yuan-Fang Li, Gholamreza Haffari, Guilin Qi, Wei Wu
Generating Reasonable Legal Text through the Combination of Language Modeling and Question Answering
Weijing Huang, Xianfeng Liao, Zhiqiang Xie, Jiang Qian, Bojin Zhuang, Shaojun Wang, Jing Xiao
Modeling Voting for System Combination in Machine Translation
Xuancheng Huang, Jiacheng Zhang, Zhixing Tan, Derek F. Wong, Huanbo Luan, Jingfang Xu, Maosong Sun, Yang Liu
Unsupervised Multilingual Alignment using Wasserstein Barycenter
Xin Lian, Kshitij Jain, Jakub Truszkowski, Pascal Poupart, Yaoliang Yu
A De Novo Divide-and-Merge Paradigm for Acoustic Model Optimization in Automatic Speech Recognition
Conghui Tan, Di Jiang, Jinhua Peng, Xueyang Wu, Qian Xu, Qiang Yang
Neural Abstractive Summarization with Structural Attention
Tanya Chowdhury, Sachin Kumar, Tanmoy Chakraborty
Domain Adaptation for Semantic Parsing
Zechang Li, Yuxuan Lai, Yansong Feng, Dongyan Zhao
Evaluating Natural Language Generation via Unbalanced Optimal Transport
Yimeng Chen, Yanyan Lan, Ruinbin Xiong, Liang Pang, Zhiming Ma, Xueqi Cheng
Modeling Topical Relevance for Multi-Turn Dialogue Generation
Hainan Zhang, Yanyan Lan, Liang Pang, Hongshen Chen, Zhuoye Ding, Dawei Yin
Robust Front-End for Multi-Channel ASR using Flow-Based Density Estimation
Hyeongju Kim, Hyeonseung Lee, Woo Hyun Kang, Hyung Yong Kim, Nam Soo Kim
Formal Query Building with Query Structure Prediction for Complex Question Answering over Knowledge Base
Yongrui Chen, Huiying Li, Yuncheng Hua, Guilin Qi
Towards Fully 8-bit Integer Inference for the Transformer Model
Ye Lin, Yanyang Li, Tengbo Liu, Tong Xiao, Tongran Liu, Jingbo Zhu
TopicKA: Generating Commonsense Knowledge-Aware Dialogue Responses Towards the Recommended Topic Fact
Sixing Wu, Ying Li, Dawei Zhang, Yang Zhou, Zhonghai Wu
Infobox-to-text Generation with Tree-like Planning based Attention Network
Yang Bai, Ziran Li, Ning Ding, Ying Shen, Hai-Tao Zheng
Triple-to-Text Generation with an Anchor-to-Prototype Framework
Ziran Li, Zibo Lin, Ning Ding, Hai-Tao Zheng, Ying Shen
Attention as Relation: Learning Supervised Multi-head Self-Attention for Relation Extraction
Jie Liu, Shaowei Chen, Bingquan Wang, Jiaxin Zhang, Na Li, Tong Xu
An Iterative Multi-Source Mutual Knowledge Transfer Framework for Machine Reading Comprehension
Xin Liu, Kai Liu, Xiang Li, Jinsong Su, Yubin Ge, Bin Wang, Jiebo Luo
Text Style Transfer via Learning Style Instance Supported Latent Space
Xiaoyuan Yi, Zhenghao Liu, Wenhao Li, Maosong Sun
Learning with Noise: Improving Distantly-Supervised Fine-grained Entity Typing via Automatic Relabeling
Haoyu Zhang, Dingkun Long, Guangwei Xu, Muhua Zhu, Pengjun Xie, Fei Huang, Ji Wang
Joint Time-Frequency and Time Domain Learning for Speech Enhancement
Chuanxin Tang, Chong Luo, Zhiyuan Zhao, Wenxuan Xie, Wenjun Zeng
Answer Generation through Unified Memories over Multiple Passages
Makoto Nakatsuji, Sohei Okui
On the Importance of Word and Sentence Representation Learning in Implicit Discourse Relation Classification
Xin Liu, Jiefu Ou, Yangqiu Song, Xin Jiang
MuLaN: Multilingual Label propagatioN for Word Sense Disambiguation
Edoardo Barba, Luigi Procopio, Niccolò Campolungo, Tommaso Pasini, Roberto Navigli
Dialogue State Induction Using Neural Latent Variable Models
Qingkai Min, Libo Qin, Zhiyang Teng, Xiao Liu, Yue Zhang
CoSDA-ML: Multi-Lingual Code-Switching Data Augmentation for Zero-Shot Cross-Lingual NLP
Libo Qin, Minheng Ni, Yue Zhang, Wanxiang Che
Task-Level Curriculum Learning for Non-Autoregressive Neural Machine Translation
Jinglin Liu, Yi Ren, Xu Tan, Chen Zhang, Tao Qin, Zhou Zhao, Tie-Yan Liu
End-to-End Transition-Based Online Dialogue Disentanglement
Hui Liu, Zhan Shi, Jia-Chen Gu, Quan Liu, Si Wei, Xiaodan Zhu
Hierarchical Multi-task Learning for Organization Evaluation of Argumentative Student Essays
Wei Song, Ziyao Song, Lizhen Liu, Ruiji Fu
Transformers as Soft Reasoners over Language
Peter Clark, Oyvind Tafjord, Kyle Richardson
Neural Machine Translation with Error Correction
Kaitao Song, Xu Tan, Jianfeng Lu
Alleviate Dataset Shift Problem in Fine-grained Entity Typing with Virtual Adversarial Training
Haochen Shi, Siliang Tang, Xiaotao Gu, Bo Chen, Zhigang Chen, Jian Shao, Xiang Ren
Multi-hop Reading Comprehension across Documents with Path-based Graph Convolutional Network
Zeyun Tang, Yongliang Shen, Xinyin Ma, Wei Xu, Jiale Yu, Weiming Lu
Gaussian Embedding of Linked Documents from a Pretrained Semantic Space
Antoine Gourru, Julien Velcin, Julien Jacques
Better AMR-To-Text Generation with Graph Structure Reconstruction
Tianming Wang, Xiaojun Wan, Shaowei Yao
UniTrans : Unifying Model Transfer and Data Transfer for Cross-Lingual Named Entity Recognition with Unlabeled Data
Qianhui Wu, Zijia Lin, Börje F. Karlsson, Biqing Huang, Jian-Guang Lou
Efficient Context-Aware Neural Machine Translation with Layer-Wise Weighting and Input-Aware Gating
Hongfei Xu, Deyi Xiong, Josef van Genabith, Qiuhui Liu
Enhancing Dialog Coherence with Event Graph Grounded Content Planning
Jun Xu, Zeyang Lei, Haifeng Wang, Zheng-Yu Niu, Hua Wu, Wanxiang Che
Asking Effective and Diverse Questions: A Machine Reading Comprehension based Framework for Joint Entity-Relation Extraction
Tianyang Zhao, Zhao Yan, Yunbo Cao, Zhoujun Li
Exploring Bilingual Parallel Corpora for Syntactically Controllable Paraphrase Generation
Mingtong Liu, Erguang Yang, Deyi Xiong, Yujie Zhang, Chen Sheng, Changjian Hu, Jinan Xu, Yufeng Chen
A Structured Latent Variable Recurrent Network With Stochastic Attention For Generating Weibo Comments
Shijie Yang, Liang Li, Shuhui Wang, Weigang Zhang, Qingming Huang, Qi Tian
Dataless Short Text Classification Based on Biterm Topic Model and Word Embeddings
Yi Yang, Hongan Wang, Jiaqi Zhu, Yunkun Wu, Kailong Jiang, Wenli Guo, Wandong Shi
Leveraging Document-Level Label Consistency for Named Entity Recognition
Tao Gui, Jiacheng Ye, Qi Zhang, Yaqian Zhou, Yeyun Gong, Xuanjing Huang
Towards Making the Most of Context in Neural Machine Translation
Zaixiang Zheng, Xiang Yue, Shujian Huang, Jiajun Chen, Alexandra Birch
Hype-HAN: Hyperbolic Hierarchical Attention Network for Semantic Embedding
Chengkun Zhang, Junbin Gao
ERNIE-GEN: An Enhanced Multi-Flow Pre-training and Fine-tuning Framework for Natural Language Generation
Dongling Xiao, Han Zhang, Yukun Li, Yu Sun, Hao Tian, Hua Wu, Haifeng Wang
TransOMCS: From Linguistic Graphs to Commonsense Knowledge
Hongming Zhang, Daniel Khashabi, Yangqiu Song, Dan Roth
Teacher-Student Networks with Multiple Decoders for Solving Math Word Problem
Jipeng Zhang, Roy Ka-Wei Lee, Ee-Peng Lim, Wei Qin, Lei Wang, Jie Shao, Qianru Sun
Generalized Zero-Shot Text Classification for ICD Coding
Congzheng Song, Shanghang Zhang, Najmeh Sadoughi, Pengtao Xie, Eric Xing
Gated POS-Level Language Model for Authorship Verification
Linshu Ouyang, Yongzheng Zhang, Hui Liu, Yige Chen, Yipeng Wang
Modeling Dense Cross-Modal Interactions for Joint Entity-Relation Extraction
Shan Zhao, Minghao Hu, Zhiping Cai, Fang Liu
Knowledge Graphs Enhanced Neural Machine Translation
Yang Zhao, Jiajun Zhang, Yu Zhou, Chengqing Zong
Fast and Accurate Neural CRF Constituency Parsing
Yu Zhang, Houquan Zhou, Zhenghua Li
A Relation-Specific Attention Network for Joint Entity and Relation Extraction
Yue Yuan, Xiaofei Zhou, Shirui Pan, Qiannan Zhu, Zeliang Song, Li Guo
Planning and Scheduling
Multi-Directional Heuristic Search
Dor Atzmon, Jiaoyang Li, Ariel Felner, Eliran Nachmani, Shahaf Shperberg, Nathan Sturtevant, Sven Koenig
Steady-State Policy Synthesis in Multichain Markov Decision Processes
George Atia, Andre Beckus, Ismail Alkhouri, Alvaro Velasquez
Delete- and Ordering-Relaxation Heuristics for HTN Planning
Daniel Höller, Pascal Bercher, Gregor Behnke
Iterative-Deepening Conflict-Based Search
Eli Boyarski, Ariel Felner, Daniel Harabor, Peter J. Stuckey, Liron Cohen, Jiaoyang Li, Sven Koenig
Plan-Space Explanation via Plan-Property Dependencies: Faster Algorithms & More Powerful Properties
Rebecca Eifler, Marcel Steinmetz, Álvaro Torralba, Jörg Hoffmann
Front-to-Front Heuristic Search for Satisficing Classical Planning
Ryo Kuroiwa, Alex Fukunaga
Online Revenue Maximization for Server Pricing
Shant Boodaghians, Federico Fusco, Stefano Leonardi, Yishay Mansour, Ruta Mehta
Robust Policy Synthesis for Uncertain POMDPs via Convex Optimization
Marnix Suilen, Nils Jansen, Murat Cubuktepe, Ufuk Topcu
Verifiable RNN-Based Policies for POMDPs Under Temporal Logic Constraints
Steven Carr, Nils Jansen, Ufuk Topcu
Optimal Planning Modulo Theories
Francesco Leofante, Enrico Giunchiglia, Erika Ábráham, Armando Tacchella
Sparse Tree Search Optimality Guarantees in POMDPs with Continuous Observation Spaces
Michael H. Lim, Claire Tomlin, Zachary N. Sunberg
Optimising Partial-Order Plans Via Action Reinstantiation
Max Waters, Lin Padgham, Sebastian Sardina
Cost-Partitioned Merge-and-Shrink Heuristics for Optimal Classical Planning
Silvan Sievers, Florian Pommerening, Thomas Keller, Malte Helmert
Decidability Results in First-Order Epistemic Planning
Andrés Occhipinti Liberman, Rasmus Kræmmer Rendsvig
Robustness Computation of Dynamic Controllability in Probabilistic Temporal Networks with Ordinary Distributions
Michael Saint-Guillain, Tiago Stegun Vaquero, Jagriti Agrawal, Steve Chien
Trading Plan Cost for Timeliness in Situated Temporal Planning
Shahaf Shperberg, Andrew Coles, Erez Karpas, Eyal Shimony, Wheeler Ruml
Boundary Extension Features for Width-Based Planning with Simulators on Continuous-State Domains
Florent Teichteil-Königsbuch, Miquel Ramirez, Nir Lipovetzky
DualSMC: Tunneling Differentiable Filtering and Planning under Continuous POMDPs
Yunbo Wang, Bo Liu, Jiajun Wu, Yuke Zhu, Simon S. Du, Li Fei-Fei, Joshua B. Tenenbaum
Trade the System Efficiency for the Income Equality of Drivers in Rideshare
Yifan Xu, Pan Xu
A Unified Model for the Two-stage Offline-then-Online Resource Allocation
Yifan Xu, Pan Xu, Jianping Pan, Jun Tao
Multi-Robot Adversarial Patrolling Strategies via Lattice Paths
Jan Buermann, Jie Zhang
Crowd-Steer: Realtime Smooth and Collision-Free Robot Navigation in Densely Crowded Scenarios Trained using High-Fidelity Simulation
Jing Liang, Utsav Patel, Adarsh Jagan Sathyamoorthy, Dinesh Manocha
Euclidean Pathfinding with Compressed Path Databases
Bojie Shen, Muhammad Aamir Cheema, Daniel Harabor, Peter J. Stuckey
Uncertainty in AI
Lifted Hybrid Variational Inference
Yuqiao Chen, Yibo Yang, Sriraam Natarajan, Nicholas Ruozzi
Learning Bayesian Networks Under Sparsity Constraints: A Parameterized Complexity Analysis
Niels Grüttemeier, Christian Komusiewicz
Approximate Weighted First-Order Model Counting: Exploiting Fast Approximate Model Counters and Symmetry
Timothy van Bremen, Ondrej Kuzelka
Efficient and Robust High-Dimensional Linear Contextual Bandits
Cheng Chen, Luo Luo, Weinan Zhang, Yong Yu, Yijiang Lian
Scaling Up AND/OR Abstraction Sampling
Kalev Kask, Bobak Pezeshki, Filjor Broka, Alexander Ihler, Rina Dechter
Neural Belief Reasoner
Haifeng Qian
A Complete Characterization of Projectivity for Statistical Relational Models
Manfred Jaeger, Oliver Schulte
State Variable Effects in Graphical Event Models
Debarun Bhattacharjya, Dharmashankar Subramanian, Tian Gao

Special track on AI for CompSust and Human well-being

A Novel Spatio-Temporal Multi-Task Approach for the Prediction of Diabetes-Related Complication: a Cardiopathy Case of Study
Luca Romeo, Giuseppe Armentano, Antonio Nicolucci, Marco Vespasiani, Giacomo Vespasiani, Emanuele Frontoni
Adversarial Graph Embeddings for Fair Influence Maximization over Social Networks
Moein Khajehnejad, Ahmad Asgharian Rezaei, Mahmoudreza Babaei, Jessica Hoffmann, Mahdi Jalili, Adrian Weller
Disentangled Variational Autoencoder based Multi-Label Classification with Covariance-Aware Multivariate Probit Model
Junwen Bai, Shufeng Kong, Carla Gomes
Fighting Wildfires under Uncertainty - A Sequential Resource Allocation Approach
Hau Chan, Long Tran-Thanh, Vignesh Viswanathan
Bridging Cross-Tasks Gap for Cognitive Assessment via Fine-Grained Domain Adaptation
Yingwei Zhang, Yiqiang Chen, Hanchao Yu, Zeping Lv, Qing Li, Xiaodong Yang
Embedding Conjugate Gradient in Learning Random Walks for Landscape Connectivity Modeling in Conservation
Pramith Devulapalli, Bistra Dilkina, Yexiang Xue
Improving Tandem Mass Spectra Analysis with Hierarchical Learning
Zhengcong Fei
An Exact Single-Agent Task Selection Algorithm for the Crowdsourced Logistics
Chung-Kyun Han, Shih-Fen Cheng
Cross-Interaction Hierarchical Attention Networks for Urban Anomaly Prediction
Chao Huang, Chuxu Zhang, Peng Dai, Liefeng Bo
Harnessing Code Switching to Transcend the Linguistic Barrier
Ashiqur R. KhudaBukhsh, Shriphani Palakodety, Jaime G. Carbonell
Deep Hurdle Networks for Zero-Inflated Multi-Target Regression: Application to Multiple Species Abundance Estimation
Shufeng Kong, Junwen Bai, Jae Hee Lee, Di Chen, Andrew Allyn, Michelle Stuart, Malin Pinsky, Katherine Mills, Carla Gomes
Forecasting Avian Migration Patterns using a Deep Bidirectional RNN Augmented with an Auxiliary Task
Kehinde Owoeye
Optimal and Non-Discriminative Rehabilitation Program Design for Opioid Addiction Among Homeless Youth
Amulya Yadav, Roopali Singh, Nikolas Siapoutis, Anamika Barman-Adhikari, Yu Liang
Who Am I?: Towards Social Self-Awareness for Intelligent Agents
Budhitama Subagdja, Han Yi Tay, Ah-Hwee Tan
Discrete Biorthogonal Wavelet Transform Based Convolutional Neural Network for Atrial Fibrillation Diagnosis from Electrocardiogram
Qingsong Xie, Shikui Tu, Guoxing Wang, Yong Lian, Lei Xu
Generating Interpretable Poverty Maps using Object Detection in Satellite Images
Kumar Ayush, Burak Uzkent, Marshall Burke, David Lobell, Stefano Ermon
Real-Time Dispatching of Large-Scale Ride-Sharing Systems: Integrating Optimization, Machine Learning, and Model Predictive Control
Connor Riley, Pascal van Hentenryck, Enpeng Yuan
PewLSTM: Periodic LSTM with Weather-Aware Gating Mechanism for Parking Behavior Prediction
Feng Zhang, Ningxuan Feng, Yani Liu, Cheng Yang, Jidong Zhai, Shuhao Zhang, Bingsheng He, Jiazao Lin, Xiaoyong Du
Multi-View Joint Graph Representation Learning for Urban Region Embedding
Mingyang Zhang, Tong Li, Yong Li, Pan Hui

Special Track on AI in FinTech

BitcoinHeist: Topological Data Analysis for Ransomware Prediction on the Bitcoin Blockchain
Cuneyt G. Akcora, Yitao Li, Yulia R. Gel, Murat Kantarcioglu
Deep Semantic Compliance Advisor for Unstructured Document Compliance Checking
Honglei Guo, Bang An, Zhili Guo, Zhong Su
A Quantum-inspired Entropic Kernel for Multiple Financial Time Series Analysis
Lu Bai, Lixin Cui, Yue Wang, Yuhang Jiao, Edwin R. Hancock
Data-Driven Market-Making via Model-Free Learning
Yueyang Zhong, YeeMan Bergstrom, Amy Ward
Vector Autoregressive Weighting Reversion Strategy for Online Portfolio Selection
Xia Cai
Task-Based Learning via Task-Oriented Prediction Network with Applications in Finance
Di Chen, Yada Zhu, Xiaodong Cui, Carla Gomes
Risk Guarantee Prediction in Networked-Loans
Dawei Cheng, Xiaoyang Wang, Ying Zhang, Liqing Zhang
F-HMTC: Detecting Financial Events for Investment Decisions Based on Neural Hierarchical Multi-Label Text Classification
Xin Liang, Dawei Cheng, Fangzhou Yang, Yifeng Luo, Weining Qian, Aoying Zhou
SEBF: A Single-Chain based Extension Model of Blockchain for Fintech
Yimu Ji, Weiheng Gu, Fei Chen, Xiaoying Xiao, Jing Sun, Shangdong Liu, Jing He, Yunyao Li, Kaixiang Zhang, Fen Mei, Fei Wu
Phishing Scam Detection on Ethereum: Towards Financial Security for Blockchain Ecosystem
Weili Chen, Xiongfeng Guo, Zhiguang Chen, Zibin Zheng, Yutong Lu
FinBERT: A Pre-trained Financial Language Representation Model for Financial Text Mining
Zhuang Liu, Degen Huang, Kaiyu Huang, Zhuang Li, Jun Zhao
MAPS: Multi-Agent reinforcement learning-based Portfolio management System.
Jinho Lee, Raehyun Kim, Seok-Won Yi, Jaewoo Kang
A Two-level Reinforcement Learning Algorithm for Ambiguous Mean-variance Portfolio Selection Problem
Xin Huang, Duan Li
IGNITE: A Minimax Game Toward Learning Individual Treatment Effects from Networked Observational Data
Ruocheng Guo, Jundong Li, Yichuan Li, K. Selçuk Candan, Adrienne Raglin, Huan Liu
Modeling the Stock Relation with Graph Network for Overnight Stock Movement Prediction
Wei Li, Ruihan Bao, Keiko Harimoto, Deli Chen, Jingjing Xu, Qi Su
An End-to-End Optimal Trade Execution Framework based on Proximal Policy Optimization
Siyu Lin, Peter A. Beling
Multi-scale Two-way Deep Neural Network for Stock Trend Prediction
Guang Liu, Yuzhao Mao, Qi Sun, Hailong Huang, Weiguo Gao, Xuan Li, Jianping Shen, Ruifan Li, Xiaojie Wang
RM-CVaR: Regularized Multiple β-CVaR Portfolio
Kei Nakagawa, Shuhei Noma, Masaya Abe
WATTNet: Learning to Trade FX via Hierarchical Spatio-Temporal Representation of Highly Multivariate Time Series
Michael Poli, Jinkyoo Park, Ilija Ilievski
Financial Risk Prediction with Multi-Round Q&A Attention Network
Zhen Ye, Yu Qin, Wei Xu
Risk-Averse Trust Region Optimization for Reward-Volatility Reduction
Lorenzo Bisi, Luca Sabbioni, Edoardo Vittori, Matteo Papini, Marcello Restelli
Robust Market Making via Adversarial Reinforcement Learning
Thomas Spooner, Rahul Savani
``The Squawk Bot'': Joint Learning of Time Series and Text Data Modalities for Automated Financial Information Filtering
Xuan-Hong Dang, Syed Yousaf Shah, Petros Zerfos
Infochain: A Decentralized, Trustless and Transparent Oracle on Blockchain
Naman Goel, Cyril van Schreven, Aris Filos-Ratsikas, Boi Faltings
The Behavioral Sign of Account Theft: Realizing Online Payment Fraud Alert
Cheng WANG
Financial Thought Experiment: A GAN-based Approach to Vast Robust Portfolio Selection
Chi Seng Pun, Lei Wang, Hoi Ying Wong
Market Manipulation: An Adversarial Learning Framework for Detection and Evasion
Xintong Wang, Michael P. Wellman
Two-stage Behavior Cloning for Spoken Dialogue System in Debt Collection
Zihao Wang, Jia Liu, Hengbin Cui, Chunxiang Jin, Minghui Yang, Yafang Wang, Xiaolong Li, Renxin Mao
Hierarchical Multi-Scale Gaussian Transformer for Stock Movement Prediction
Qianggang Ding, Sifan Wu, Hao Sun, Jiadong Guo, Jian Guo
Relation-Aware Transformer for Portfolio Policy Learning
Ke Xu, Yifan Zhang, Deheng Ye, Peilin Zhao, Mingkui Tan
Federated Meta-Learning for Fraudulent Credit Card Detection
Wenbo Zheng, Lan Yan, Chao Gou, Fei-Yue Wang
Financial Risk Analysis for SMEs with Graph-based Supply Chain Mining
Shuo Yang, Zhiqiang Zhang, Jun Zhou, Yang Wang, Wang Sun, Xingyu Zhong, Yanming Fang, Quan Yu, Yuan Qi
A Unified Model for Financial Event Classification, Detection and Summarization
Quanzhi Li, Qiong Zhang
Interpretable Multimodal Learning for Intelligent Regulation in Online Payment Systems
Shuoyao Wang, Diwei Zhu
Online Portfolio Selection with Cardinality Constraint and Transaction Costs based on Contextual Bandit
Mengying Zhu, Xiaolin Zheng, Yan Wang, Qianqiao Liang, Wenfang Zhang

Sister Conferences Best Papers

Hierarchical Reinforcement Learning for Pedagogical Policy Induction (Extended Abstract)
Guojing Zhou, Hamoon Azizsoltani, Markel Sanz Ausin, Tiffany Barnes, Min Chi
VAEP: An Objective Approach to Valuing On-the-Ball Actions in Soccer (Extended Abstract)
Tom Decroos, Lotte Bransen, Jan Van Haaren, Jesse Davis
Emoji-Powered Representation Learning for Cross-Lingual Sentiment Classification (Extended Abstract)
Zhenpeng Chen, Sheng Shen, Ziniu Hu, Xuan Lu, Qiaozhu Mei, Xuanzhe Liu
Methodological Issues in Recommender Systems Research (Extended Abstract)
Maurizio Ferrari Dacrema, Paolo Cremonesi, Dietmar Jannach
Playing Atari with Six Neurons (Extended Abstract)
Giuseppe Cuccu, Julian Togelius, Philippe Cudré-Mauroux
A Formal Approach for Cautious Reasoning in Answer Set Programming (Extended Abstract)
Giovanni Amendola, Carmine Dodaro, Marco Maratea
On the Splitting Property for Epistemic Logic Programs (Extended Abstract)
Pedro Cabalar, Jorge Fandinno, Luis Fariñas del Cerro
Statistical Learning with a Nuisance Component (Extended Abstract)
Dylan J. Foster, Vasilis Syrgkanis
Learning URI Selection Criteria to Improve the Crawling of Linked Open Data (Extended Abstract)
Hai Huang, Fabien Gandon
Human Values and Digital Patterns in Physical Exercise (Extended Abstract)
Yelena Mejova, Kyriaki Kalimeri
Bayesian Case-Exclusion and Personalized Explanations for Sustainable Dairy Farming (Extended Abstract)
Eoin M. Kenny, Elodie Ruelle, Anne Geoghegan, Laurence Shalloo, Micheál O'Leary, Michael O'Donovan, Mohammed Temraz, Mark T. Keane
Specializing Word Embeddings (for Parsing) by Information Bottleneck (Extended Abstract)
Xiang Lisa Li, Jason Eisner
NSGA-Net: Neural Architecture Search using Multi-Objective Genetic Algorithm (Extended Abstract)
Zhichao Lu, Ian Whalen, Yashesh Dhebar, Kalyanmoy Deb, Erik Goodman, Wolfgang Banzhaf, Vishnu Naresh Boddeti
Supporting Historical Photo Identification with Face Recognition and Crowdsourced Human Expertise (Extended Abstract)
Vikram Mohanty, David Thames, Sneha Mehta, Kurt Luther
Commonsense Reasoning to Guide Deep Learning for Scene Understanding (Extended Abstract)
Mohan Sridharan, Tiago Mota
Learning Optimal Decision Trees using Constraint Programming (Extended Abstract)
Hélène Verhaeghe, Siegfried Nijssen, Gilles Pesant, Claude-Guy Quimper, Pierre Schaus
Lagrangian Decomposition for Classical Planning (Extended Abstract)
Florian Pommerening, Gabriele Röger, Malte Helmert, Hadrien Cambazad, Louis-Martin Rousseau, Domenico Salvagnin
Bidirectional Heuristic Search: Expanding Nodes by a Lower Bound
Shahaf Shperberg, Ariel Felner, Nathan Sturtevant, Eyal Shimony, Avi Hayoun
Deep Visuo-Tactile Learning: Estimation of Tactile Properties from Images (Extended Abstract)
Kuniyuki Takahashi, Jethro Tan
A User Interface for Exploring and Querying Knowledge Graphs (Extended Abstract)
Hernán Vargas, Carlos Buil-Aranda, Aidan Hogan, Claudia López
Bridging the Gap between Training and Inference for Neural Machine Translation (Extended Abstract)
Wen Zhang, Yang Feng, Qun Liu

Survey track

Survey on Feature Transformation Techniques for Data Streams
Maroua Bahri, Albert Bifet, Silviu Maniu, Heitor Murilo Gomes
The Emerging Landscape of Explainable Automated Planning & Decision Making
Tathagata Chakraborti, Sarath Sreedharan, Subbarao Kambhampati
Explanation Perspectives from the Cognitive Sciences---A Survey
Ramya Srinivasan, Ajay Chander
Automatic Curriculum Learning For Deep RL: A Short Survey
Rémy Portelas, Cédric Colas, Lilian Weng, Katja Hofmann, Pierre-Yves Oudeyer
A Survey on Computational Propaganda Detection
Giovanni Da San Martino, Stefano Cresci, Alberto Barrón-Cedeño, Seunghak Yu, Roberto Di Pietro, Preslav Nakov
Turning 30: New Ideas in Inductive Logic Programming
Andrew Cropper, Sebastijan Dumančić, Stephen H. Muggleton
The Blind Men and the Elephant: Integrated Offline/Online Optimization Under Uncertainty
Allegra De Filippo, Michele Lombardi, Michela Milano
Goal Recognition Design - Survey
Sarah Keren, Avigdor Gal, Erez Karpas
From Standard Summarization to New Tasks and Beyond: Summarization with Manifold Information
Shen Gao, Xiuying Chen, Zhaochun Ren, Dongyan Zhao, Rui Yan
Heterogeneous Network Representation Learning
Yuxiao Dong, Ziniu Hu, Kuansan Wang, Yizhou Sun, Jie Tang
A Brief History of Learning Symbolic Higher-Level Representations from Data (And a Curious Look Forward)
Stefan Kramer
Graph Neural Networks Meet Neural-Symbolic Computing: A Survey and Perspective
Luís C. Lamb, Artur d’Avila Garcez, Marco Gori, Marcelo O.R. Prates, Pedro H.C. Avelar, Moshe Y. Vardi
Collective Decision Making under Incomplete Knowledge: Possible and Necessary Solutions
Jérôme Lang
Planning Algorithms for Zero-Sum Games with Exponential Action Spaces: A Unifying Perspective
Levi H. S. Lelis
Reasoning About Inconsistent Formulas
Joao Marques-Silva, Carlos Mencía
A Survey on Using Gaze Behaviour for Natural Language Processing
Sandeep Mathias, Diptesh Kanojia, Abhijit Mishra, Pushpak Bhattacharya
BDI Agent Architectures: A Survey
Lavindra de Silva, Felipe Meneguzzi, Brian Logan
Recent Developments in Boolean Matrix Factorization
Pauli Miettinen, Stefan Neumann
Incorporating Extra Knowledge to Enhance Word Embedding
Arpita Roy, Shimei Pan
The Knowledge Acquisition Bottleneck Problem in Multilingual Word Sense Disambiguation
Tommaso Pasini
From Statistical Relational to Neuro-Symbolic Artificial Intelligence
Luc de Raedt, Sebastijan Dumančić, Robin Manhaeve, Giuseppe Marra
Human Gaze Assisted Artificial Intelligence: A Review
Ruohan Zhang, Akanksha Saran, Bo Liu, Yifeng Zhu, Sihang Guo, Scott Niekum, Dana Ballard, Mary Hayhoe
Pure-Past Linear Temporal and Dynamic Logic on Finite Traces
Giuseppe De Giacomo, Antonio Di Stasio, Francesco Fuggitti, Sasha Rubin
Fair Division: The Computer Scientist’s Perspective
Toby Walsh
Beyond Intra-modality: A Survey of Heterogeneous Person Re-identification
Zheng Wang, Zhixiang Wang, Yinqiang Zheng, Yang Wu, Wenjun Zeng, Shin'ichi Satoh
Deep Learning for Community Detection: Progress, Challenges and Opportunities
Fanzhen Liu, Shan Xue, Jia Wu, Chuan Zhou, Wenbin Hu, Cecile Paris, Surya Nepal, Jian Yang, Philip S Yu
Learning for Graph Matching and Related Combinatorial Optimization Problems
Junchi Yan, Shuang Yang, Edwin Hancock
A Survey on Representation Learning for User Modeling
Sheng Li, Handong Zhao

Journal track

Forgetting Auxiliary Atoms in Forks (Extended Abstract)
Felicidad Aguado, Pedro Cabalar, Jorge Fandinno, David Pearce, Gilberto Pérez, Concepción Vidal
Xeggora: Exploiting Immune-to-Evidence Symmetries with Full Aggregation in Statistical Relational Models (Extended Abstract)
Mohammad Mahdi Amirian, Saeed Shiry Ghidary
Analogy Between Concepts (Extended Abstract)
Nelly Barbot, Laurent Miclet, Henri Prade
Predicting Strategic Behavior from Free Text (Extended Abstract)
Omer Ben-Porat, Lital Kuchy, Sharon Hirsch, Guy Elad, Roi Reichart, Moshe Tennenholtz
Rational Closure For All Description Logics (Extended Abstract)
Piero A. Bonatti
Automated Construction of Bounded-Loss Imperfect-Recall Abstractions in Extensive-Form Games (Extended Abstract)
Jiří Čermák, Viliam Lisý, Branislav Bošanský
Variable Elimination in Binary CSPs (Extended Abstract)
Martin C. Cooper, Achref El Mouelhi, Cyril Terrioux
Determining Inference Semantics for Disjunctive Logic Programs (Extended Abstract)
Yi-Dong Shen, Thomas Eiter
Algorithms for Estimating the Partition Function of Restricted Boltzmann Machines (Extended Abstract)
Oswin Krause, Asja Fischer, Christian Igel
Variational Bayes in Private Settings (VIPS) (Extended Abstract)
James R. Foulds, Mijung Park, Kamalika Chaudhuri, Max Welling
On Overfitting and Asymptotic Bias in Batch Reinforcement Learning with Partial Observability (Extended Abstract)
Vincent Francois-Lavet, Guillaume Rabusseau, Joelle Pineau, Damien Ernst, Raphael Fonteneau
Ontology Reasoning with Deep Neural Networks (Extended Abstract)
Patrick Hohenecker, Thomas Lukasiewicz
Compositionality Decomposed: How do Neural Networks Generalise? (Extended Abstract)
Dieuwke Hupkes, Verna Dankers, Mathijs Mul, Elia Bruni
Story Embedding: Learning Distributed Representations of Stories based on Character Networks (Extended Abstract)
O-Joun Lee, Jason J. Jung
Proving Semantic Properties as First-Order Satisfiability (Extended Abstract)
Salvador Lucas
Point at the Triple: Generation of Text Summaries from Knowledge Base Triples (Extended Abstract)
Pavlos Vougiouklis, Eddy Maddalena, Jonathon Hare, Elena Simperl
A Survey on Temporal Reasoning for Temporal Information Extraction from Text (Extended Abstract)
Artuur Leeuwenberg, Marie-Francine Moens
Formulas Free From Inconsistency: An Atom-Centric Characterization in Priest's Minimally Inconsistent LP (Extended Abstract)
Kedian Mu
Catching Cheats: Detecting Strategic Manipulation in Distributed Optimisation of Electric Vehicle Aggregators (Extended Abstract)
Alvaro Perez Diaz, Enrico H. Gerding, Frank McGroarty
From Support Propagation to Belief Propagation in Constraint Programming (Extended Abstract)
Gilles Pesant
The Computational Complexity of Angry Birds (Extended Abstract)
Matthew Stephenson, Jochen Renz, Xiaoyu Ge
Language Independent Sequence Labelling for Opinion Target Extraction (Extended Abstract)
Rodrigo Agerri, German Rigau
Context Vectors Are Reflections of Word Vectors in Half the Dimensions (Extended Abstract)
Zhenisbek Assylbekov, Rustem Takhanov
Knowing-How under Uncertainty (Extended Abstract)
Pavel Naumov, Jia Tao
Swarm Intelligence for Self-Organized Clustering (Extended Abstract)
Michael C. Thrun, Alfred Ultsch
Best-first Enumeration Based on Bounding Conflicts, and its Application to Large-scale Hybrid Estimation (Extended Abstract)
Eric Timmons, Brian C. Williams
OptStream: Releasing Time Series Privately (Extended Abstract)
Ferdinando Fioretto, Pascal Van Hentenryck
Incentivizing Evaluation with Peer Prediction and Limited Access to Ground Truth (Extended Abstract)
Alice Gao, James Wright, Kevin Leyton-Brown
IKBT: Solving Symbolic Inverse Kinematics with Behavior Tree (Extended Abstract)
Dianmu Zhang, Blake Hannaford

Early Career

Bridging Causality and Learning: How Do They Benefit from Each Other?
Mingming Gong
Towards Trustable Explainable AI
Alexey Ignatiev
Developing an Integrated Model of Speech Entrainment
Rivka Levitan
Optimization Learning: Perspective, Method, and Applications
Risheng Liu
Closing the Loop: Bringing Humans into Empirical Computational Social Choice and Preference Reasoning
Nicholas Mattei
Mechanism Design with Uncertainty
Taiki Todo
Online Learning in Changing Environments
Lijun Zhang

Doctoral Consortium

Transparent Intent for Explainable Shared Control in Assistive Robotics
Mark Zolotas, Yiannis Demiris
Towards High-Level Intrinsic Exploration in Reinforcement Learning
Nicolas Bougie, Ryutaro Ichise
An Improved Latent Low Rank Representation for Automatic Subspace Clustering
Ya-nan Han, Jian-wei Liu, Xiong-lin Luo
Learning Sparse Neural Networks for Better Generalization
Shiwei Liu
Population Location and Movement Estimation through Cross-domain Data Analysis
Xinghao Yang, Wei Liu
Design Adaptive AI for RTS Game by Learning Player's Build Order
Guillaume Lorthioir, Katsumi Inoue
Strategies for Cooperative UAVs Using Model Predictive Control
Amith Manoharan
Social Network Analysis using RLVECN: Representation Learning via Knowledge-Graph Embeddings and Convolutional Neural-Network
Bonaventure C. Molokwu, Ziad Kobti
On Building an Interpretable Topic Modeling Approach for the Urdu Language
Zarmeen Nasim
Spatio-Temporal Change Detection Using Granger Sequence Pattern
Nat Pavasant, Masayuki Numao, Ken-ichi Fukui
Generating Natural Counterfactual Visual Explanations
Wenqi Zhao, Satoshi Oyama, Masahito Kurihara
Towards an Artificial Argumentation System
Ramon Ruiz-Dolz
Context Aware Sequence Modeling
Kyungwoo Song
Predictive Uncertainty Estimation for Tractable Deep Probabilistic Models
Julissa Villanueva Llerena
End-to-End Signal Factorization for Speech: Identity, Content, and Style
Jennifer Williams
Beyond Labels: Knowledge Elicitation using Deep Metric Learning and Psychometric Testing
Lu YIn
Generalized Representation Learning Methods for Deep Reinforcement Learning
Hanhua Zhu


GenC: A Fast Tool for Applications Involving Belief Revision
Aaron Hunter, John Agapeyev
PyDL8.5: a Library for Learning Optimal Decision Trees
Gaël Aglin, Siegfried Nijssen, Pierre Schaus
Pattern-Based Music Generation with Wasserstein Autoencoders and PRC Descriptions
Valentijn Borghuis, Luca Angioloni, Lorenzo Brusci, Paolo Frasconi
An Anomaly Detection and Explainability Framework using Convolutional Autoencoders for Data Storage Systems
Roy Assaf, Ioana Giurgiu, Jonas Pfefferle, Serge Monney, Haris Pozidis, Anika Schumann
DeepVentilation: Learning to Predict Physical Effort from Breathing
Sagar Sen, Pierre Bernabé, Erik Johannes B.L.G. Husom
Yolo4Apnea: Real-time Detection of Obstructive Sleep Apnea
Sondre Hamnvik, Pierre Bernabé, Sagar Sen
Efficient and Modularized Training on FPGA for Real-time Applications
Shreyas Kolala Venkataramanaiah, Xiaocong Du, Zheng Li, Shihui Yin, Yu Cao, Jae-sun Seo
TouIST: a Friendly Language for Propositional Logic and More
Jorge Fernandez, Olivier Gasquet, Andreas Herzig, Dominique Longin, Emiliano Lorini, Frédéric Maris, Pierre Régnier
Ddo, a Generic and Efficient Framework for MDD-Based Optimization
Xavier Gillard, Pierre Schaus, Vianney Coppé
How Causal Structural Knowledge Adds Decision-Support in Monitoring of Automotive Body Shop Assembly Lines
Johannes Huegle, Christopher Hagedorn, Matthias Uflacker
Certifai: A Toolkit for Building Trust in AI Systems
Jette Henderson, Shubham Sharma, Alan Gee, Valeri Alexiev, Steve Draper, Carlos Marin, Yessel Hinojosa, Christine Draper, Michael Perng, Luis Aguirre, Michael Li, Sara Rouhani, Shorya Consul, Susan Michalski, Akarsh Prasad, Mayank Chutani, Aditya Kumar, Shahzad Alam, Prajna Kandarpa, Binnu Jesudasan, Colton Lee, Michael Criscolo, Sinead Williamson, Matt Sanchez, Joydeep Ghosh
BlueMemo: Depression Analysis through Twitter Posts
Pengwei Hu, Chenhao Lin, Hui Su, Shaochun Li, Xue Han, Yuan Zhang, Jing Mei
AutoSurvey: Automatic Survey Generation based on a Research Draft
Hen-Hsen Huang
AILA: A Question Answering System in the Legal Domain
Weiyi Huang, Jiahao Jiang, Qiang Qu, Min Yang
An Interactive Visualization Platform for Deep Symbolic Regression
Joanne T. Kim, Sookyung Kim, Brenden K. Petersen
RLCard: A Platform for Reinforcement Learning in Card Games
Daochen Zha, Kwei-Herng Lai, Songyi Huang, Yuanpu Cao, Keerthana Reddy, Juan Vargas, Alex Nguyen, Ruzhe Wei, Junyu Guo, Xia Hu
An AI-empowered Visual Storyline Generator
Chang Liu, Zhao Yong Lim, Han Yu, Zhiqi Shen, Ian Dixon, Zhanning Gao, Pan Wang, Peiran Ren, Xuansong Xie, Lizhen Cui, Chunyan Miao
Keep It Real: a Window to Real Reality in Virtual Reality
Baihan Lin
FlowSynth: Simplifying Complex Audio Generation Through Explorable Latent Spaces with Normalizing Flows
Philippe Esling, Naotake Masuda, Axel Chemla--Romeu-Santos
Putting Accountability of AI Systems into Practice
Beatriz San Miguel, Aisha Naseer, Hiroya Inakoshi
A Multi-player Game for Studying Federated Learning Incentive Schemes
Kang Loon Ng, Zichen Chen, Zelei Liu, Han Yu, Yang Liu, Qiang Yang
Inspection of Blackbox Models for Evaluating Vulnerability in Maternal, Newborn, and Child Health
William Ogallo, Skyler Speakman, Victor Akinwande, Kush R Varshney, Aisha Walcott-Bryant, Charity Wayua, Komminist Weldemariam
ProbAnch: a Modular Probabilistic Anchoring Framework
Andreas Persson, Pedro Zuidberg Dos Martires, Luc de Raedt, Amy Loufti
Decision Platform for Pattern Discovery and Causal Effect Estimation in Contraceptive Discontinuation
Celia Cintas, Ramya Raghavendra, Victor Akinwande, Aisha Walcott-Bryant, Charity Wayua, Komminist Weldemariam
Lossless Semantic Round-Tripping in PENG ASP
Rolf Schwitter
A Testbed for Studying COVID-19 Spreading in Ride-Sharing Systems
Harrison Jun Yong Wong, Zichao Deng, Han Yu, Jianqiang Huang, Cyril Leung, Chunyan Miao
A Gamified Assessment Platform for Predicting the Risk of Dementia +Parkinson’s disease (DPD) Co-Morbidity
Zhiwei Zeng, Hongchao Jiang, Yanci Zhang, Zhiqi Shen, Jun Ji, Martin J. Mckeown, Jing Jih Chin, Cyril Leung, Chunyan Miao
SiamBOMB: A Real-time AI-based System for Home-cage Animal Tracking, Segmentation and Behavioral Analysis
Xi Chen, Hao Zhai, Danqian Liu, Weifu Li, Chaoyue Ding, Qiwei Xie, Hua Han
A Speech-to-Knowledge-Graph Construction System
Xiaoyi Fu, Jie Zhang, Hao Yu, Jiachen Li, Dong Chen, Jie Yuan, Xindong Wu
Towards Real-Time DNN Inference on Mobile Platforms with Model Pruning and Compiler Optimization
Wei Niu, Pu Zhao, Zheng Zhan, Xue Lin, Yanzhi Wang, Bin Ren
AI-Powered Oracle Bone Inscriptions Recognition and Fragments Rejoining
Chongsheng Zhang, Ruixing Zong, Shuang Cao, Yi Men, Bofeng Mo